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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Weddings & Other Family Events 
Thread started 31 Jul 2017 (Monday) 11:34
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Second shooting

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Jul 31, 2017 11:34 |  #1

Hey guys,

Im new to the forum :) So hopefully posting this in the right place.

I am trying to move my career into wedding photography - not sure what has happened but I have fallen in love with weddings! (might be my age haha!)

I have done a few engagements and wedding editorials but never a real wedding. I was hoping to start with second shooting, however I am finding it very hard to find someone whose style I would compliment, who then is also looking or in need of a second shooter.

Going to wedding shows and meeting photographers that way has been my main focus.

Any advice from experts would be very much appreciated.



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Aug 02, 2017 11:16 |  #2

Welcome to the forum.

I don't know if it's the same where you're from but local to me (North West England)there are several Facebook groups either just for fellow wedding photographers to chat or for specifically looking for second shooters. It would be worth looking to see if there is anything similar in your area. Get some photos posted in there, get chatting to people and make some friends that you could eventually start shooting with.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer ǀ Rob Georgeson Photography (external link)

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Aug 05, 2017 22:14 |  #3


Why don't you take a picture, it will last longer....
My web site is Eternal Reflections (external link)
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Aug 27, 2017 23:19 |  #4

If you want to start out become a 2nd for most anyone but try not to find someone that is a total hack bc you will learn bad habits. Some people need fill in 2nds so don't sign any noncompetes and try to work with a lot of different people. Imo just trying to go out and start on your as a lead is a bad idea. Learning by working with someone teaches you sooo much. There's ways to just handle the day that you don't want to learn by making the mistake. In an ideal world you would find someone that compliments your style but start off by just getting some experience. Style really kinda comes later and you need to be able to adapt but some clients aren't your style but you still want them as paying clients.​m/DPhillipsStudios (external link)
http://DPhillipsStudio​ (external link)
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Aug 29, 2017 15:05 |  #5

Hi, here is what I did. I had experience shooting fashion and advertising in the late 80s and 90s then went a different path. Around 2010 my daughter decided she wanted to shoot weddings so I tooled up and we began. She however quit and I am shooting with my son now. I had nothing to show newer than 20 years old so when some young friends got married I offered to shoot their wedding for free. They had a beautiful wedding at I got some usable images. The next wedding I did for $800 and I got more photos to show people. I shot for a couple years at about $1200 for a wedding and got more photos that I could put on a website. Now I shoot a wedding for between $2500 and $3500. Another way I got photos was went to a bridal cosignment shop and asked if I could bring in models and do some shoots with their dresses. I rented a room in a cool old hotel and did a shoot there and in and around the hotel with a couple models in some beautiful dresses. The town that I live in has a connections page on Facebook where people look for cheap photographers and many photographers bid on weddings there it seems that they will shoot in a range for $50 to $500. I too looked for second shooter positions in the beginning but didn't find any. One thing that I do that helps and it may sound strange is I shoot a lot of street photograhy. It helps me get better at graphic content, seeing and capturing something quickly and to look for and capture emotion. I shoot in what they now call phtojournalistic style so the street photography helps. What I find the hardest is marketing, I am still trying to figure that out. I shoot from three to six weddings a year right now, I would like to shoot six to eight. Still working on that haha. Just some thoughts.

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Second shooting
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