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FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
Thread started 19 Oct 2017 (Thursday) 23:36
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Moving from Sony to Panasonic (GH5). Tell me your stories!

Mostly Lurking
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Joined Oct 2017
Location: Canada
Oct 19, 2017 23:36 |  #1

I use Sony gear. FS5 + a6500. But my experience with the Sony line + the recent release of the GH5 have got my exploring other options.

So, let's cut through the BS and talk gear.


Likes: Beautiful form factor. Buttons are in the right place. 4K has zero rolling shutter. No overheating issues. Amazing battery life. Beautiful slow motion. The FS5 looks "serious" to onlookers. XLR inputs are nice.

Dislikes: Autofocus is terrible. Low light performance is also terrible (gets grainy at 3200 ISO). Expensive lens lineup. Colours that come out of it aren't so great, but that of course is fixable in post.


Likes: Small form factor. Nice, sharp images. Super fast autofocus. IBIS.
Dislikes: Menu hell, which makes it a pain for my wife to use for her photography (I use it a lot more than she does, so I always have to remind her where important functions are in the menu. 120fps slow motion isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be. Crap battery life. 4K rolling shutter is horrendous. Lenses are expensive. IBIS is... meh.

Enter... the Panasonic GH5. Now, I know that this camera isn't without its negatives. But here are a few things that are really attracting me to it based on what I've researched online: Dual SD cards. Flip screen. Smooth slow motion (I rarely go above 120FPS, even though my FS5 can do 240fps). Nice colours come out of it. Good IBIS.

But on the other hand, I've also heard that the GH5 has pretty crap stills quality.

So, is there anyone out there who switched from Sony to Panasonic? Now, before I start a Sony vs Panasonic war, I am NOT saying that Sony is crap. Heck, I've never even used a Panasonic camera. But if I can get similar image quality with more features at a lower price? Heck yes.

Anyone out there take the Sony to Panny plunge?

Senior Member
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Joined Mar 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Oct 21, 2017 01:40 |  #2

I used Sony a while ago (NEX 6 and 5, and A7), but have been back with Nikon for the last 2 years. I wanted something slightly smaller/lighter than the Nikon gear, and also wanted to start messing around with videography. Just picked up a GH5 2 weeks ago, and it's exceeded my expectations in every way. Photography wise it's a dream. AF is amazing in stills mode (yes, the AF in video is so-so at best) and the camera is very quick and responsive. Feels good in the hands too. Screen is a joy to use, and infinitely better than my D800/610. And IBIS isn't's AMAZING. My caffeine addled, jittery hands can get decent footage with it. Add the 12-35mm (a must have) and use Dual-IS and you're golden.

The only downsides: Lowlight, when compared to FF is not that great. ISO 1600 I'm ok with, but any higher than that and I'd rather switch to my DSLR's. 180 VFR mode looks "meh", but I knew that going into it after watching a bunch of reviews. It's not terrible, but compared to the 4k footage it's a pretty noticeable drop off. 120fps is great though, and that's what I've set my C3 mode to for whenever I want to do slo-mo. And again, tracking AF in video is not that great...but then again I'm still new to the GH5 so I'm sure I can improve a bit. Honestly, lowlight is probably the only thing I wish was better. For stills I'm finding that I'm more likely to grab the GH5 now though than my that should speak volumes about how good the stills quality is (if 20mp is enough for you).

The menus are pretty good, but there's still a ton of info to process, although maybe I'm just used to the Nikon menus lately. It is easier to navigate than the old A7 though...but I'm not sure if Sony even uses those same menus anymore.

Oh, and my only other gripe is I'm not a fan of the colors/rendering of the Panasonic. Not just the GH5, but also the GX85 that I sold to fund it. Panasonic takes a little more work to get skin tones correct than Canon or Nikon (or Sony for that matter). All in all it's not without it's faults but I think it's more camera than I can ever use or want for as far as video goes, and for stills it's more than adequate with the caveats that DR and High ISO aren't the best.

Mostly Lurking
17 posts
Likes: 7
Joined Oct 2017
Location: Canada
Oct 21, 2017 21:33 as a reply to  @ tdlavigne's post |  #3

Thank you for your detailed experience! My main concern with the GH5 would be it's still quality, but it sounds to me like it's no issue at all, for you!

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Moving from Sony to Panasonic (GH5). Tell me your stories!
FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
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