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FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Bags, Backpacks & Cases 
Thread started 12 Jul 2018 (Thursday) 05:56
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A big bag to store my thingies

Robinson ­ Crusoe
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Post edited 4 months ago by Robinson Crusoe.
Jul 12, 2018 05:56 |  #1

I was using the bags in my signature to store my photography equipment, small ones of course, like flashes, cameras, lenses etc. As my equipment keeps growing in years, I decided to add a new bag to use as a main storage bag.

So what's in my mind is:

- As I don't have a space for something like a chest in the house the bag can't be giant. Dimensions can't be bigger than 50x30x30 cm. It's like 20x12x12 inch I guess. I'll still keep storing the equipment to all my bags, so don't think like the new bag I'll buy will hold everything.
- I'm a little confused at this point. I want a backpack. Maybe a backpack with wheels? But I'm not sure whether I buy a backpack for both storage and travel or I buy a bag with a big storage capacity and light backpack for travel uses. Any experiences? What do you suggest. When I go out I generally take the Microsoft surface, a camera, 1-2 lenses, a small flash at most. I plan to buy a 1Dx, so the camera will get a little bigger. I also don't love to carry extra bag so I need extra space for water, wallet, phone, keys etc.

I'm open to different suggestions.

Edit: I don't plan to buy a lot more equipment, only a couple of cameras will be a added to my collection.

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Jul 12, 2018 18:03 |  #2

I don't own a lot of gear and I'm not an expert, but I'd imagine you'll want a (small)
collection of bags. With my own use, I have a couple of small bags to take a body
with lens mounted and batteries, filters, etc. on the day-trips.
Another bag accommodates camera/lens with another lens or three with batteries & filters.

My small collection of vintage lenses resides in a Canon backpack.

A clone of Crumpler's 2-Million or 3-Million Dollar Home is what holds
my biggest collection of stuff, and it holds much of it: body w/lens, 4 to 5 other small lenses,
filters, batteries, charger, strap, memory, etc. This is what I take when I travel or just go
out of town for what is not a specific event. It's a compact bag but will hold a lot
if configured well, it's easy to pack and move around, and it's not huge.

True backpacks are a different story; I don't own or use one.

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Robinson ­ Crusoe
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Joined Dec 2011
Location: Turkey
Jul 16, 2018 12:33 |  #3

Today I went out to check some. In my country the prices are crazy high.

First I checked the Lowepro 450 aw pro runner. It's huge, very nice with the wheels and everything. But as a backpack especially when it's loaded will be very hard to carry. Better consider it like a fancy luggage. It'll be also very useful to store my equipment and carry them during flights etc. But as a backpack, again, no chance. They gave me a 400$ price, more than double what it costs in US, so I didn't have to think much.

In another shop I asked for the Lowepro backpack thay can be opened from the side. The shopkeeper told me that he only has one second hand. I checked, it was a Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW. Normally I'm not into second hand too much but the bag's condition was pretty good and with the 30$ price I was totally sold out :D Anyway, this will do the job for now.

When I started buying camera equipment I was pretty sure that Canon Zoom Pack would be my first and last bag but I went for 6 already and made up my mind for the 7th lol.

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Left ­ Handed ­ Brisket
That's my line!
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Post edited 4 months ago by Left Handed Brisket.
Jul 16, 2018 13:31 |  #4

Early on I always kind of giggled at all the bag talk around here, but most of my work was in studio. If I was shooting outside, I traveled pretty light. Once I started shooting out and about more I saw how meaningful a good bag situation can be.

I own three of these: …3rrw6pEAQYAyABE​gIT0PD_BwE (external link)

I rarely fill all those up, often one is empty and I have some cameras and lenses in a:

https://www.pelicancas​ …3teQTSEAQYAyABE​gL-VPD_BwE (external link)

I store and carry light and camera support in:​m …l12=2476189&wl1​3=&veh=sem (external link)

Sometimes I will throw my soft bags in the contico thing. And that yellow case I bought at a hardware/lumber store (lLowes Hardware), its brand name is Stack On. All my batteries, chargers, clips, tape and ransom crap I rarely use but can't be without lives in there.

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PSA: The above post may contain sarcasm, reply at your own risk | Not in gear database: Auto Sears 50mm 2.0 / 3x CL-360, Nikon SB-28, SunPak auto 322 D, Minolta 20

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A big bag to store my thingies
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