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FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews 
Thread started 27 Sep 2018 (Thursday) 14:34
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TOGGLE RATINGS BETWEEN ALL AND ettlz (showing now: ettlz)
Overall Rating1.5
Overall Image Quality4.5
Value for Money6
Must Have0.5
Suitability to Intended Use5
Got What I Expected1
AF Performance7
Handling and Ergonomics8
Ownership Status: "previously owned"

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List all reviews of Sony DSC-RX100

Sony DSC-RX100, reviewed by ettlz

Senior Member
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Post edited over 1 year ago by ettlz. (7 edits in all)
Sep 27, 2018 14:34 |  #1

I found the Sony DSC-RX100 to be a most disappointing camera, yet another bit of photographic kit that's wound up filed under 'would be great if they actually built it properly'.

See, in principle the RX100 is an excellent camera. A large (for a compact) sensor with decent noise control and raw recording. Tidy ergonomics and straightforward controls (apart from the thumb wheel, which is too easy to press when turning). A fast(-ish) stabilised 'Zeiss' lens with reasonable zoom that, when it works, turns in sharp results with well-tempered aberrations.

Well that's the theory, anyway. The practise went as follows.

  • The first one I got had a decentered lens, toasting the resolution to the right side of the frame at the long end. Not acceptable, given the high quality of the bits of the frame that were properly resolved.
  • The second one had dirt on the sensor, out of the box. What the hell, Sony?
  • The third one had another decentered lens, soft right and top-right at 31mm.

So at this point I got my money back. Sony, you had three chances to shine here and messed them all up. And if this sounds harsh -- well tough. See, for the purposes of a consumer's review, it doesn't matter how good a camera could be. All that matters is that after wasting my time on three attempts marred by optical defects or factory dirt you still couldn't produce something of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose, and now as far as I'm concerned this model is a write-off.

Get your house in order, Sony. The RX100 is not recommended.

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Location: Vero Beach, FL
Oct 01, 2018 12:10 |  #2

I’m sorry you had such a hard time getting a proper RX-100, as my refurbished mkii has been an incredible piece of kit for me for years.

Sony A99ii, RX-100ii, Sonnar T* 135mm f1.8 ZA, Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA, 24mm f/2 SSM Distagon T*, Minolta HS 200 2.8 APO, Minolta 2xTC APO, HVL-F43M
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Charlie ­ Victor
224 posts
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Joined Oct 2014
Location: Sri Lanka
Oct 25, 2018 04:01 |  #3

I've had two. Great photography tools but let down by poor quality considering the premium price. A mk i on which the lens mechanism failed at three years, and a mk ii on which the lens mechanism also failed at three years. After a couple of years each of them developed sticky control wheels that failed to rotate unless forced - which was hard to do without also pressing and invoking an unwanted function. I lost a ton of shots due to this. Very frustrating. Resolution was careful cleaning with electrical contact cleaner and compressed air to restore smooth operation but this shouldn't have been necessary.

I therefore went from being a complete fan when the mk i was new, to being disappointed when it failed, to having hope that failure had been a one-off when I purchased the mk ii, to vowing not to touch Sony again when it too failed whilst still young.

I'm currently five very satisfied months in to Canon G1X mk iii ownership so we'll see how this pans out long term; I have yet to have a Canon fail, my 1979 AT-1 (which I still use) included.

Avatar from -45.321917,167.777732

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Location: Naples, Florida
Nov 15, 2018 07:43 |  #4

I have had an RX100 for about three years and have been very pleased with the quality of the photos. To me they looked as good as those taken with my Full Frame Canon 6D. The camera is very small which makes it light and easy to take with you anywhere. I never had a serious complaint about the ergonomics but others have complained about this. I have used it mainly for street photos and in beach bars where it was not very conspicuous.


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Location: Monticello, Fl
Post edited over 1 year ago by alondon.
Feb 11, 2019 22:42 |  #5

Its size is both a blessing and a curse. Hard to hold and get a movement free shot

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Sony DSC-RX100, reviewed by ettlz
FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews 
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