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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
Thread started 13 Jan 2019 (Sunday) 20:21
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High School Lacrosse

Mostly Lurking
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Jan 13, 2019 20:21 |  #1


I've been shooting lacrosse at the lower levels for the past few years, but will be shooting JV/Varsity lacrosse for the first time this spring. I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, and recommendations regarding equipment, field position, etc.

I shoot with the 300mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, Canon 1DX Mark II

Do you think the 300mm is long enough? I also shoot football and am debating upgrading to the 400mm. Thoughts?

I am also debating getting a second body. I've been renting but may have to bite the bullet. Any recommendations for purely sports?

Thanks so much!


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Dan ­ Marchant
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Jan 14, 2019 01:42 |  #2

Is this for fun or professional? If the former then buy whatever you want/can afford. If it is a business buy what you need.

Most large wire services and some media require that you have a 400 2.8. So, if they are your clients going forward then you need one. If your clients are parents, a league, teams or other local businesses that are already happy with the images you produce then there isn't going to be any financial benefit from buying a bigger and more expensive lens.

Dan Marchant
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Jan 14, 2019 11:53 |  #3

Are the games during the day or at night?

Mostly Lurking
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Jan 14, 2019 20:47 as a reply to  @ duckster's post |  #4

During the week, late afternoon or early evening. On the weekends, during the day.

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Jan 17, 2019 21:52 |  #5

I shot a lot of lacrosse as it was my son's sport all the through high school.

If I only shot lacrosse I'd probably buy the Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 and never give it a second thought as to whether a 400mm lens was better; however, since I shoot all field sports on a full-frame camera I own the 400mm f/2.8. I prefer to shoot tight and I feel the 400mm is a little long at times as sometimes the best action near the net is captured with a slightly wider viewpoint.

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Feb 03, 2019 10:00 |  #6

Although there is action all over the field, a lot of the play in lacrosse centers around the goal, to maybe 30 yards out. I find a few locations that work. Surprisingly, midfield will probably allow decent shots of both end with your 300. I shoot from there often, as there are a lot of plays where the offensive players will come from behind the net, or spin... allowing shots that capture their faces. If the 300 isn't quite reaching as far as you would want... just cheat 10 or 20 yards towards the goal you favor. There may be a little cropping, but that's not the end of the world. Or- you can get in the corner by a goal and get the action from just that end. 300 is probably a good length from there, but you'll have all the issues at various times... sometimes, they will be too close to you (try to shoot tight on faces then) and sometimes, they will be pretty far when the play is near the other sideline. Behind the goal line is good to, if you can get there.

All that being said... In a perfect world, I'd prefer something a little longer. Day games, the 200-400 is great, and I often use the built in teleconverter to push that a little longer. Night games, the 400 2.8 rocks.

Long story short... you can make that gear work.

Good luck!

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Apr 03, 2019 13:32 |  #7

OP have you made any decisions on gear? I am assuming the season has kicked off at this point and you are active. After shooting a few games myself in this realm I am debating new gear as well. My 70D is not up to the task. I get good shots, but nothing I would call great.

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High School Lacrosse
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
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