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Thread started 25 Mar 2019 (Monday) 07:38
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TOGGLE RATINGS BETWEEN ALL AND TeamSpeed (showing now: TeamSpeed)
Overall Rating9
Overall Image Quality9
Value for Money9.5
Must Have9
Suitability to Intended Use10
Got What I Expected9.5
AF Performance8.5
Handling and Ergonomics7
Ownership Status: "own"

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List all reviews of Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50, reviewed by TeamSpeed

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Mar 25, 2019 07:38 |  #1

I didn't know quite what to expect from the M50, but I read enough reviews to know that it would fit into my travel/light setup needs. Up to this point I have used the SL1 and then the SL2 for these kinds of small trips where I didn't want to bring large amount of gear or heavy gear.

I picked up the M50 brand new with the 15-45 lens from Teds Electronics on Ebay for $545. After a couple of months of usage, here are my thoughts:

General Thoughts:

  • The camera is very small and just as easy to use as the SL2 for the most part. After a week, I sold the SL2.
  • The IQ is on par with the SL2, and works well enough up to 6400. I feel my 7D2 is actually a bit better at higher ISOs, as I did for the SL2.
  • This is a very nice little camera! With the release of the EOS R and then the RP, one can quickly see where those 2 cameras received their design, as almost everything found on the R and basically everything on the RP, including hardware, is shared with the M series (menus, functions, capabilities).
  • The M lenses are substantially smaller and lighter than the EFS equivalents for the SL2.
  • This camera has been more useful to me than the SL2, it is fun to use, and takes up even less space. I can take it with me everywhere and not even really notice it.

  • For manual shooters, this is a must. You can either see a 5x or 10x zoom in the viewfinder, or use focus peaking. I use the yellow highlight option, I seem to be able to see that better than the other colors.
  • Being able to manually focus so well is great for macro shooting as well, and is an improvement over the SL2.
  • Lots of AF points, and despite not having a joystick, the touch screen AF control option works well.
  • Able to use manual focus lenses easier like all the great Rokinon offerings.
  • Able to use the Fotodiox adapter for EF/EFS lenses instead of the more expensive Canon branded adapter.
  • Able to get a FF look to images using the .71x speed booster from Vitrox, this works as both an EF adapter, but also eliminates most of the crop factor of the camera, gaining 1 stop of light as well as wider FOV.
  • 10fps in One Shot or 7fps in AI Servo is very nice.
  • Able to use old lenses with adapters.
  • Shooting at f11 with autofocus working is GREAT, you can pop a 2x onto a long lens like a Sigma 150-600 or 100-400 and still focus.
  • Has everything found on the EOS R other than the AF menu options to control AF behavior, but for much, much less money.
  • Has Eye AF like the EOS R, but is just about as useful (or useless), depending on your needs and what you are shooting.
  • Digital stabilization during movies is pretty good.
  • 4K video is useful in a pinch.
  • DPAF works just as well (or better) than the SL2 for video and even for general photo AF, better than expected.

  • The camera could use another dial for control of something. You can override just about all buttons, but a dial for whatever I want it to be would be nicer.
  • Silent shooting is buried into the SCN option and isn't all that useful, like the EOS R.
  • The 4x larger AF point in AI servo shooting over the One Shot is very frustrating, again just like the EOS R/RP (unless they do a firmware update)
  • Battery life is not great.
  • With the Viltrox mounted, battery is depleted over night even with the camera off. This feels like an issue with the camera, if I have the switch off, it shouldn't allow anything from the lens mount forward to be actively using energy.
  • AF tracking, albeit fast like the R/RP (same basic AF acquisition speeds), it still isn't quite up to the task of fast action, tracking of a player, etc like the 5D4, 7D2 or 1D series. Not to be expected either, but with so many saying Canon mirrorless can do sports, nope, not going to happen. You can get some shots, but the results won't be consistent like they are with the DLSRs, yet.
  • Onboard flash is simply not usable, IMO, but at least I can pop on my Godox Tx and control my ETTL lights from the menu.
  • Buttons are tiny and recessed making them even more difficult to fiddle with.


1.4x on the Sigma 150-600, a pretty tight crop...


Example of Rokinon 50 1.2...

Example of Viltrox giving back some of the crop factor and extra stop of aperture/light...


Example of sports...



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Jul 07, 2019 10:50 |  #2

With so many of these in various hands, and future new models coming our way, apparently the M50 should provide an abundance of good used deals for years to come.

When it comes to hiking, I find the EF-M lenses a joy to carry. Seems like carrying air. (external link) . . . and . . . Coast Redwoods Main Page (external link)

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Canon EOS M50, reviewed by TeamSpeed
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