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Thread started 31 Jul 2020 (Friday) 09:35
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TOGGLE RATINGS BETWEEN ALL AND danielyamseng (showing now: danielyamseng)
Overall Rating9.5
Overall Image Quality9.5
Value for Money3.5
Must Have6
Suitability to Intended Use9.5
Got What I Expected9.5
AF Performance9.5
Handling and Ergonomics9.5
Ownership Status: "have borrowed"

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List all reviews of Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5, reviewed by danielyamseng

2,053 posts
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Joined Oct 2007
Jul 31, 2020 09:35 |  #1

Let me shared my review as I have been invited by Canon to test the pre-production R5.

Canon EOS R5 eye focus had improved tremendously.Once set to eye focus, it would lock to the eye even if the person walk away, or briefly blink or turn away from the camera.
If you don't mind to drain your batteries you may even leave the AF to servo mode all the time.
For normal usage the AF is accurate enough even though you forgot to switch from Animal to Human. Since it's using an adaptive learning, it's better now to always leave Animal AF if you don't intent
to shoot Animal as the machine will learn and store the wrong setting to Animal.
Focusing is a challenging lighting condition where the previous eos R would struggle, the R5 perform flawlessly.
It's able to track fast moving subject even with the default setting. To date I couldn't find any situation whereby the R5 could not lock focus or missed focus where 1DX mark III could.It's seemed like even without a dedicated AF chip as with 1DX mark III, it's already good enough. The AF performance placed it on par with the Canon flagship 1DX mark III. The high fps finally made it suitable for fast paced action photography. Alternatively you may shoot 8K and crop it out provided your event last before the overhead icon pop out.

ISO performance
In term of ISO performance, ISO up to 12800 is very usable, almost noise free as if you're pixer peeper. ISO 25600 is usable and clean enough to use.This in turn finally placed Canon at least on par with Sony high ISO performance. Note that I had turned off the Noise reduction.

With the addition of the thumb-wheel and multi-controller joystick, added a dedicated magnify button and Q button to access the menu.
quick dial. Finally we have a mirror-less camera that has the same handling as 5D. 5D user would easily pick up the handling of R5 compared to R.

Depending on the lens, the IBIS is really a useful addition to R5. Low light shooting without a tripod was made possible with IBIS and high ISO performance of R5.
As for the video with IBIS, it's good enough for casual or blogger to use compared to R.

Some improvements.
The viewfinder sensor is a lot smarter. The rear lcd screen of the EOS R would dim if we accidentally cover the EVF sensor.
The R5 EVF sensor is a lot smarter. The higher resolution of the viewfinder and the higher refresh rate bring it almost like using an optical viewfinder. In my opinion the shutter sound nicer, perhaps due to higher fps.

The camera will overhear if 8K video is set. Setting Overheat Control function to “ON” will prolong the shooting time but will still get overheated as due to the small size head dissipation is not that great but we're talking about a compact 8k camera!
The built in zebra pattern is very useful for amateur as we don't need to use an external field monitor for that purpose.

Canon EOS R is the first Canon full frame camera. R5 improved where R lacked of. We are actually getting a 5D mark IV ,1DX mark III (I personally believed there's a reason why Canon used a dedicated AF chip for 1DX mark III but the AF performance for R5 is good enough for sports photography) and 5DS resolution. It's a body that could exhibit the RF lens performance. Even if if you use the cheaper RF lens, the quality of the RF 35 f1.8,RF 85 F2 stm is cleaner and the kit lens, 24-105 than the EF counterpart.

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Joined Jun 2020
Jul 31, 2020 16:12 |  #2

Thank you for the review. I just received mine. I am excited to try mine as I just received it. From your use, would you have any thoughts on the below?
Do you need to turn on the IBIS or is it already on? For the AF do you just select the focus type or do you need to set zone or point or other? If the AF doesnt lock to you move the joystick or tap the LCD? How was the battery life? Did you use the grip?

We are in for a rainy weekend so I am likely not be able to explore the camera. I will live vicariously through you!

2,053 posts
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Joined Oct 2007
Aug 01, 2020 08:58 as a reply to  @ neurorx's post |  #3

Great to hear that. Welcome to R5 family :-). I noticed that the IBIS would shorten a bit of the battery life. But that's fine if you have spare batteries with you. For me I will leave it on unless I am pretty sure I am shooting at high shutter speed. Regarding the AF that's would depend your what you're shooting i.e still or fast paced moving object, available light, lenses used. For me I would set the AF focus type according to the situation. My advice is you could try it out and experience with different AF point selection and you will know which AF suits your shooting condition. To date the R5 AF is a lot smarter than R even without further AF customization (case option) as it will able to lock focus most of the time and the eye AF work flawlessly most of the time where the R was kind of hit and misses in the same situation.

Regarding the battery life again that would depend on how you used it. For me if I constantly review the images, I would get a lot less than the Canon estimated number of shots. If you turn the IBIS off, enable power saving mode, did not constantly review your images then you might exceed the Canon estimated number of shots.

For me, I would prefer using it without a grip as that's why I use a mirror-less camera most of the time and left my DSLR body collecting dust :-). But that's just me. If you're in a situation whereby might miss a precious shooting moment while changing your batteries then I would advice you to get a grip as you could fit in 2 batteries. That's provided your event did not last longer than 2 batteries :-). Another situation would be if you feel more comfortable shooting with vertically with the grip.

R5 weather seal is on par with 5D. You may go to shoot in the rain but make sure you dry it after the event. Weather sealing is where Canon pro body excel, set aside the color science.

Thanks for your complements. Since you already has it, do play around with it. Perhaps you might finding something I don't and we could learn from each. Lastly enjoy your new toys.

I coulda shoulda woulda
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Joined Feb 2008
Location: Australia
Aug 02, 2020 05:22 |  #4

So I shot with the first R5 that arrived in Australia (not mine), only had it for an hour, it was paired with the RF 24-70 F2.
I have to say I was mightily impressed.

AF, I couldn't find a use case where it failed to nail focus. Be it because of the lens, or the R5 I can't rightfully say, as I had no access to any other lens.
Tracking, superb. I tested it at a soccer game, and it stayed with the player throughout.

After my brief, but impressive play it has gone straight onto my purchase wish list.

My only "con" at this stage, is the smaller package. I'm used to 1series bodies and although it felt reasonably comfortable, I will definitely be getting a GRIP.
I will be trying it with a 400 F2.8 II and a 200-400 F4 next weekend, to see how its performs with EF lenses.

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Post edited over 2 years ago by TeamSpeed.
Aug 02, 2020 07:07 |  #5

Here are a couple of things that others may not know.

The camera doesn't have any adaptive learning. It has deep learning, which means it has been fed a static set of rules developed by machine learning in Canon labs. As Canon beefs that up, they can issue updates via firmware.

Also if you turn off NR (disabled setting) and have the camera generate JPG or you use DPP to generate JPG, NR is still turned on. There are 2 NR sliders under the covers, and disabled just means those sliders are set to lower values than the other NR modes.

Thank you for the review!

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Aug 04, 2020 09:09 as a reply to  @ TeamSpeed's post |  #6

Do you know how to turn these off and just adjust these in LR or PS when they are capable of processing?

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Canon EOS R5, reviewed by danielyamseng
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