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Thread started 27 Mar 2006 (Monday) 15:13
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Winners of POTN #59 ...congratulations

Cream of the Crop
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Joined Jul 2002
Mar 27, 2006 15:13 |  #1

Winners of Challenge # 59

(entrants photographs are here) >​​ad.php?t=149828

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for taking part

I really found it very hard to make choices

Special congratulations to the first three

# 1 Blacksmurf

# 2 Andrewaaa5

# 3 Ma-5

the photos were all very enjoyable and it was very interesting seeing the kind of transport in or around your area

Andrew ' Hats R Us'

great title and shot
I loved how even the backs of the people look so intent on where they were heading
and the girl on the right has two choices of hats

seat backs and colours .........
all gives a great atmosphere of ' the journey '

it could be a little sharper
but I see how it was handheld (1/10) and low light
we can't have everything,
I think you will agree


' Ferry commute daily to Seattle'

it is very nice to see such a beautiful Ferry bringing people daily to their place of work and whatever other business they may have
lovely shot


'Toronto Streetcar'

it's a terrific shot
it also would be perfect for the 'wire' section on the forum
:lol: …php?p=1301249#p​ost1301249

the tram looks to be the best way to travel through congested built up areas


'Ghost of the Past'

Beautiful romantic shot
along with that lovely train I love the shadows
and the bench
with that mountain scenery in the background looks to be a nice place
I like the light on the branches in the foreground also


'Final destination Top Floor'

very nice to see. certainly a different element of public transport which we had not really thought of and is very much in use today. 'confined transport ' as the escalators are mostly in the larger shopping centres and outlets
standing in the centre of the two stairways may have given a better angle and have had more impact ,
showing the people more dramatically


'Layers of Traffic'

terrific shot and title showing the different sections of roadways ,
none of the drivers aware of the others 'dilemma' above and below
the building at the back, top right, seems a little lop sided because of the angle you had to shoot to get all of the scene into the shot


'Public & Transport'

Nice shot showing the transport there
however the ferry showing like that , not quite docked, it seems a little awkward for the people that are intending to get on board
the passage way cannot be seen to be laid down, yet the people look as though they are all ready to walk aboard , or jump


'Colors of Milan'

not sure if you mean the doom and gloom of everyday life while using public transport in Milan :lol:
I see no colors, unless you mean straight forward black and white (colors)
which they probably are as, if we ask someone what color would you like a garment, or whatever, to be, we could reply 'black' or 'white' as much as any other color

this transport shot seems a depressing situation for the people who do the daily drudge but in reality it does not have to be and is not always
it's just people wrapped up in their own thoughts and in their own lives , getting from A to B,
maybe taking the opportunity to have a short snooze

the photo has beautiful clean lines and is very precise in it's content and statement
great shot

Alans 220

'Just another Day'

it was nearest to what I was thinking of regards a shot of public transport Alan, but the blurred movement is not just confined to the people ,
the train is also blurred
the railings and pole in the foreground are a bit distracting also
I see no reason to use infrared in this type of shot as the contents are not suitable and the effects are completely lost.
just my thoughts but many thanks for taking the scene

PitBull Terrier

'Roll up Roll up, for the magical mystery tour'

a colourful magical transportation we all would love to enjoy :lol:
it's the nearest thing to a magic carpet I've seen
(in reality)
nice job you done


'The Long Cold Wait'

another terrific shot
I suspect it was not easy to take this kind of shot because of where you were positioned and thank you for it.
as the actual transportation is not shown , because it is probably delayed , I can only admire what I see of the figures standing around
I love the way the girl has her feet , the other person waiting gloomily , the dark feel to the whole scene really adds to it
good shot


'Transport of Transporters, Young Islanders Going to Town'

great shot of baby carriages on the ferry
the missing children must be in the parents arms :lol:

cropping on the right would have meant cutting off that poor woman's leg and seems she already had enough trouble
as her leg is bandaged up and resting on one of the baby carriages so I guess it's good to see it there as regards showing more of what is going on

these people , I think , are all connected even though we only see parts of them
the carriages transport the children and the ferry transports all a day out on land
I can imagine all the noise and even excitment ,in ways
I like the bright rims of the wheels
as far as I can see you are sitting taking the shot
(a shot which is never easy to take in front of people)
the hard part about candids is getting the composition as best as possible from the right angle and you done your best under the circumstances

thank you to all who took part

regards, Marie
Canon G12, dslr 40D, GIX
Canon lens24-105
Lmm10-22mm,17-40,17-85, 70-300,60mm

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Winners of POTN #59 ...congratulations
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