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Thread started 08 May 2006 (Monday) 18:28
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Where's Nifty?! #2

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Oct 08, 2020 09:17 as a reply to  @ post 15733663 |  #14191

I miss this city so much. worked for years on the Overtoom and the Escape.

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Jan 04, 2021 13:53 |  #14192

Timphoto wrote in post #18612999 (external link)
In the early 1800's the Russian-American company in Alaska founded a settlement in what is now California with the goal of growing food and trade to support the Russian-American Company efforts in Alaska. So they established Fort Ross on the California coast north of the Russian River.

It's an amazing drive along the rugged coastline.



It is now a California State Park.


The Russians built California's first windmill in 1814. This is a replica donated in 2012 by a Russian based cultural and historical foundation chaired by Victor Vekselberg.
The windmill produced flour for Fort Ross and the Russians' Alaskan settlements.

Russian master craftsman built this windmill using traditional tools.
It is held together by wooden pegs, joinery and very few nails.


The rocky coastline presented challenges, but the fort was able to use a nearby protected cove to move supplies to/from ships.

Timphoto wrote in post #18613004 (external link)
As you walk south along the coast trail, the Fort comes into view through the trees.

The north wall and blockhouse.

The entrance and the southwest blockhouse. The fort had only two blockhouses. The northwest corner of the fort had a residence and the southeast corner had the chapel.

Entering the fort, the KusKov House is on the left. It was occupied from 1812-1838. The chapel is on the right with the well to the far right.
The chapel was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and subsequently rebuilt.

This building stored the goods and food that were traded. It was the business center of the fort.

A view toward the southwest blockhouse and the Pacific Ocean. The canons were never fired in anger, but used to greet the ships that came in to trade.

I have more images that I'll post tomorrow.

Thank you very much Tim for LINKING these two posts from the "Post your pictures of Bridges" thread! Very very interesting!

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Jun 01, 2021 08:13 |  #14193

I just logged into POTN after a long Hiatus. This was one of my favorite forums. Great memories both with this lens and seeing everyone's photos from this group. Happy retirement to all of the Nifties out there! Also, I like the donation page as well. I might have a Nifty I could donate.

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Where's Nifty?! #2
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