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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Transportation Talk 
Thread started 03 Jun 2006 (Saturday) 21:06
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What lenses for an airshow?

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Jun 05, 2006 18:41 as a reply to  @ post 1587323 |  #16

Asmodeus wrote:
Ended up taking the 5D and 20D, used the 400 5.6 on the 20 D and the 17-40 and 70-200 on the 5D. Best shot of the day is this one; my son's first experience with a digital SLR...

So, where are the pictures of the planes?

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Jun 05, 2006 18:59 |  #17

That giant lens is insane. It's bigger than his arms.

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Jun 05, 2006 20:00 as a reply to  @ post 1584464 |  #18

steved110 wrote:
A 600mm mirror lens is a LOT smaller than a normal 600mm - and much much lighter, so is hand-holdable with the correct shutter speed.

You got it! I hand held and used Scotch 640 slide film. Sharp photos. I even managed to get a view down onto the centre of the main blades on a helicopter from my position on the control tower roof. The bolts securing the blades - I saw with interest - were different colours: red, green, blue and yellow. The helicopter had 4 blades and two had a curved appearence while the other two were straight. I guess my vertical focal plane shutter had something to do with that!


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Jun 05, 2006 21:12 as a reply to  @ Amorous's post |  #19

Amorous wrote:
So, where are the pictures of the planes?

There are actually a whole bunch posted at this link: …pic.html?b=1&f=​5&t=470782 (external link)

I took about 1000 shots, and haven't had much time to do anything with them. I justed resized and cropped a bunch for my friends on that site.

Also, my gallery software decided it doesn't like my ISP server platform migration. I am not amused.

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Jun 06, 2006 00:13 as a reply to  @ post 1588433 |  #20

Amorous wrote:
You mean something like this? http://kaitcilla.smugm​​/3/70746970 (external link)

Salute. You made my day...:lol:

Only my hair is more Black and my lens more White!:cool:

I clearly see myself now in prospective.


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What lenses for an airshow?
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Transportation Talk 
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