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Thread started 15 Feb 2007 (Thursday) 16:28
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Getting a press pass to shoot professional lacrosse?

Mostly Lurking
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Feb 15, 2007 16:28 |  #1

I want to shoot a lacrosse game. Any one have advice on getting a press pass to do so? I don’t work for a paper and shoot part time. How would you guys phrase a request, for a better chance of success. Would it be best to call or mail?

Any ideas?

scott ­ wiggins
232 posts
Joined Nov 2005
Location: UK
Feb 15, 2007 16:38 |  #2


Approach the club in a professional manner and if you've shot other sports or a lower league version of lacrosse provide some pics so that they can see the quality of your work.

An offer to use your images if you're an amatuer and wanting to shoot for non commercial gain may help as well. I don't know the lacrosse franchise setup so if using that hook, make sure that there isn't a resident pro which there probably would be in the top league. Assure them that your images are not for sale elsewhere may also help, a pro club will want to make money from it's image rights if it can.

I got on the hockey clubs photographers pass list by showing them some examples of my work (We could shoot in the rink but from all the bad areas) and making some montages which they could sell. I helped them fill a niche and now I shoot at all their games with a pass and bench area access. I only shoot for a hobby but I help the club where I can.

Hope that is useful.


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Feb 16, 2007 08:51 |  #3

I want to shoot a lacrosse game.

Pro or Am? Country & sanctioning body? Got a newspaper nearby?
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Cream of the Crop
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Feb 16, 2007 15:49 as a reply to  @ scott wiggins's post |  #4

Depends on the level and if they have a photographer already to approach the club and say "hey I want to shoot a game". I know as a team photographer if "some guy" just came strolling in offering the teams free stuff just to shoot I'd be pretty PO'd! You don't step on others toes that way IMO, especially a pro photog who is trying to make a living. If a team has a need they know to approach me and not let someone else do it.

Now if they don't have one, that's a different case - but most pro teams do. Also, some pro teams photogs just aren't good because they do it for free or a "friend" of someone so if the management cares about quality (which they usually dont) you may get in if you're better than the free guy they use.

I dont know where you're located, but the thing that sucks with lacrosse in the US is theres no magazines or anything like that as an "outlet". I've searched for a long time as I have two pro teams right by me but just cant find any outlet. Heck, if there's a mag in the UK or anywhere that covers US lacrosse I'd be on my way to a game right now. But I just cant seem to find any myself...not in the US and on the search engines at least (sure there is, I just havent found it yet!!). Oh, correction I did find one - but theres a guy who shoots NON-STOP lacrosse, and I believe is part owner of the magazine so yea - his gets used (and they're really good).

Lastly, just to throw this out there. Some teams do offer a chance to shoot the game just to learn. I took a few into the photo pits with me that had credentials saying they were from my organization (just my name). The media guy let me teach them a bit, also he lets the local college come in and shoot games while learning in the pits. Maybe the team would let you do that if ya know other togs in the area that shoot there.

EDIT: I just started reading that above link, should have done that first. lot of good info in there.

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Getting a press pass to shoot professional lacrosse?
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