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Thread started 25 May 2007 (Friday) 15:35
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Photography Rates

this thread is locked
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May 25, 2007 15:35 |  #1


EDIT: The OP has deleted his post, which is NOT a recommended practice here! So I'm locking the thread to preserve the info below.

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May 25, 2007 18:19 |  #2

I don't know what you're shooting. There is an offroad racing series that I am familiar with. There are several guys that show up there. They shoot the race and then run to town for printing. They guess at the number they can sell and come back with a staack of prints. I think most of them have websites where prints can be purchased as well. They generally get ~$20 a print for 8x10s.

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Dangerous Dan

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May 25, 2007 19:18 as a reply to  @ post 3267568 |  #3

Hey there are many on going threads about this topic.
Here are a few links to what others have to say, most of it useful and quite insightful

Thread:'Sharing Knowhow' section > The Business of Photography>Per-hour rates?

'Sharing Knowhow' section > The Business of Photography>How much Do I Charge? One of the most often asked questions

'Sharing Knowhow' section>The Business of Photography

hope these help. Sorry I could not provide more concrete info.

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May 26, 2007 08:08 |  #4

Hourly rates: The better you are & the faster you work, the less that you're paid! And if you travel to a location & back, how do you get paid for the rest of the lost daylight? It's pretty hard to book two 1/2-day jobs in one day.
In metro Detroit, a fairly large market with lots of competition, I charged a day rate of $600/day, (1970s prices), 10 hours my door to my door, & included 50 "Free" miles. (That's how much I hate paperwork & I'm not going to nickel & dime a client anyway). ;)
For a good client who's in a budget bind, I'd offer an (infrequent) 1/2 day rate, $350, 5 hours my door to my door. Keep in mind that the first time you cut your prices for someone, everyone else will hear about it & it will soon become your "Normal" rate. :D

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Sir Chimp-a-lot
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May 26, 2007 08:47 |  #5

Photosguy is exactly how I do it, and for the same reasoning.

With hourly people tend to rush and you don't get as good of shots as if they thought "Well, I bought him for the day...Might as well use him!"

My 8 hour is $495, and I sell prints for cheap.

However my "8 hour" is my door to my door, and post processing time. So really, shooting time is about 4-5 hours max.

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Photography Rates
FORUMS Community Talk, Chatter & Stuff General Photography Talk 
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