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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Still Life, B/W & Experimental 
Thread started 13 Jun 2007 (Wednesday) 11:52
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Color Posterization

Majik ­ Imaje
Senior Member
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Jun 13, 2007 11:52 |  #1

My very first published image. Was published in Camera35 Photomagazine in 1973.
It was an "image" I created in the darkroom, using :
ten high contrast litho neg's
ten high contrast litho pos's]
these were laid out from one to ten in order first the negatives
in a row.. 1 - 10
the opposites of these were placed below those ten
Now we have two rows labled N 1-10 & P 1-10

If I use N 1 & P 1 together.. as "STENCIL" place them together and hold up to light.. NOTHING CAN BE SEEN
because they are exact opposites of one another.
BUT IF I SHIFT Either row just one position I will end up with this
N1 + P2 THAT "stencil" will allow "some light" to we arrange the rest of the "stencils" or Masks
each stencil or mask is has two items a N & a P

N-1 + P 2 = Mask #1
N 2 + P 3 = Mask #2
N 3 + P 4 = Mask #3
Ok.. now you understand how the full set of Masks is made
there are Nine complete sets.

each set must be able to be "registered" preciisely in the negative carrier
that must be "built" custom made with two registration pins attached to the negative carrier..
The Purpose. is that when you take that negavtive carrer out of the enlarger and take the old set off and put a new set on.. they MUST line up precisely.. if your off by as much as 1/32 of an inch this will not work
they all must be punched by a NON adjustable punch so that every Litho
has the holes in the exact same p lace to provide PROPER REGISTRATION
NOW if you have followed this explanation this is how the "painted print" is made
Using Mask #1 COLORED LIGHT is passed through that mask to EXPOSE THAT SHEET OF PAPER TO "light' only..
so if I want yellow "paint" to show up on this sheet of paper AFTER processing.. I must use BLLUE light everything must be done
"backwards" for the COLOR you want to see in any particular area.
Using Mask #2 a "different" color is used to add more detail to a different part of the image. etc..
By using the opposite of the color you want.. that is what you must use for color filters to get the result you want.
Here are a few "Before & After examples:

The owner of the Salem Witch Museum just pulled up to this museum in what looked like a car worth 500,000! I was walking across the street to put my gear away and I said to him.. YOu should let me create a photograph for you of your museum.. He laughed and said.. come here.. he actually brought me into to his office. there on the shelves were dozens of Kodak yellow boxes. He pulled a few of them down and took the covers off and displayed 100's of photographs taken of every angle outside of that building.. I said.. "Oh but I am going to do this in Color for you.. He laughed harder and said.. LOOK.. and he pulled down a few more boxes and displayed gorgeous color of the outside of the museum.. I said Oh but I am different.. I am going to create a photograph for you for 300 bux.. He roard laughing and said.. Kid.. there is just no wayI would ever pay 300 for just one photograph.. I smiled and said.. see ya tommorrow..
I came back and showed him the print I had made of the museum.. without even saying one word.. he reached into his pocket and wrote and check and handed it to me.. and said.. WowoW.. DO IT OVER! take my car out!
I worked for him for years.. ! Just from that "one" meeting and dialogue.!

Ridgeway Lane Boston Mass. This is or was the very first image of mine that was published in Camera 35. This is or was where I lived. in this alley when I was very young in the second grade.. I moved that summer but will never forget this street or alley..

BOSTON.. I sold how many of these, all over the city.. for big bux.
as a result of doing something totally different (using film) many people were puzzled as to how this technique was accomplsihed.. !!
(GRIN).. .. IT IS AMAZING.. how easy it is to make money with photography!
if you excercise your imagination!

Practice .. .. .. ... .. makes .. ... .. "better":cool:

willy ­ b
Cream of the Crop
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Location: London
Jun 13, 2007 14:43 |  #2

personally not that much of a fan, i like the originals better. The one of the city is really good in original format

Gear List & 2012. A Photo a day. (external link)

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Jun 15, 2007 01:35 |  #3

I think considering these are from the pre-digital era, they are really pretty cool

5D MKII | 650D [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=​1]| 350D (RIP)
17-40 f/4L | 70-200 f/4L | 50mm 1.8 | 18-135 STM IS
My work (external link)

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Color Posterization
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Still Life, B/W & Experimental 
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