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Thread started 22 Jul 2007 (Sunday) 09:34
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Interesting Question - Ejected from Girls Aloud Gig.

Senior Member
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Jul 22, 2007 09:34 |  #1

Hello there guys, I need a little help on this one.

Yesterday I went to the Girls Aloud gig at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire. Mint Gigs produced the gig.

I had been in contact Mint Gigs prior to the gig and was issued a Photographers Press Pass.

I arrived at the park about an hour before Showtime, was issued with my pass and a reserved parking space. I was told to report to Reception. I went to reception and they informed me I could go down to the stage area and into the pit.

I arrived in the pit about 45 mins prior to Showtime.

In the pit was another photographer who had traveled from Cardiff to shoot the gig. In chatting to him, he informed me we had a 3 song limit no flash (pretty standard here in the uk) – I asked him where he got this information from and he said the Girls Management Company, who he had bumped into when he was signing in told him the rules.

It turned out we were the only two photographers.

About 15 minutes later one of the security guards came over and asked if he could have a chat, we went sort of back stage to get away from the noise. He said he had just been informed by the Girls Management Company that they did not want anyone in the pit as it was a pretty small venue and small pit area but we could go anywhere in the park and shoot as much as we liked with no song limit and we could use flash (seemed strange) He requested we returned our passes. I gave mine back but the other photographer did not have one, said he had not been issued with one on arrival.

Anyway off we went. The gig started, I shot for 3 songs and had everything I pretty much needed so (since its not my kind of music) decided to knock it on the head and shoot off home.

I moved to the very edge of the crowd and started to pack my equipment away only to be immediately surrounded by security. One of the guys asked what I was doing, I said I got all I needed and was heading home. He said he would arrange to have an escort take me off the park – Nice I thought, it was dark and lots of people around, what nice guys.

When we got up to almost the reception area, he said the management company want a word, I asked why, he said they had decided ½ way thru the gig they did not want any photographers onsite, had revoked our passes and wanted us to leave, I said no problem I am leaving anyway.

I was taken to reception to be met by the police, Mint Gigs, The park owner and the other photographer. It turns out he was found by security and pretty much stopped from taking any more photos, and frog marched to reception where they demanded his memory cards. I missed all this, as I had not arrived at this time. He kicked up a big stink and they then changed their minds, told him (us) we were not welcome and were being ejected from the gig.

I got this second hand (from him) as we started leaving. When I arrived at reception, I asked what was going on and they just said we had to leave. No reasons, no asking for cards etc.

Mint Gigs were apologetic but said the management company once the show started changed there minds and there was nothing they could do.

No one explained to me what had happened and why we were leaving or what I could or could not do with my images.

Where do I stand in regard to the images I shot?

I should add, at no time did I take a photo after being told I could not. I was not asked to leave the park before I had decided to leave and when leaving no one said to me I could or could not use the images.


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René ­ Damkot
Cream of the Crop
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Jul 22, 2007 10:41 |  #2

Strange story...
You did everything 100% correct, so I think I'd just ask the company or management.

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so, what are we talking about?
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Jul 22, 2007 13:18 |  #3

Since my good friend Rick Barker is now part of the management team for Taylor Swift I am frequently privy to 'behind the scenes' revelations ... things are often not at all what they seem and even less likely to be what you are told. Sometimes the talent changes their mind at a whim. Sometimes someone gets an ill-conceived idea at the last instant. Sometimes personality feuds erupt out of nowhere. But just as often good things happen and no one particularly notices ... Taylor has gone out in the rain to sign autographs for fans who had to wait in line and has extended Meet N' Greets and all sorts of other things beyond what was expected or required. There are so many people involved in these events it is a wonder to me that someone doesn't get maimed or there isn't more 'Stage Rage' similar to road rage.

So, David, we all know from some of your previous experiences that you associate with less than stable management teams and should be used to this by now. :-) I agree with Rene ... try to ask someone, preferably whoever granted the credentials in the first place. If you get no result and didn't sign an agreement that limits you then I think you must assume that you have the use of the images for editorial purposes but must respect their right of publicity. Of course, you could do whatever you want and wait for a Cease and Desist Order. In any event, I think we would all be curious to know how it turns out.

Dwight McCann
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Senior Member
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Jul 22, 2007 17:37 |  #4

maybe one of them had a big zit! or maybe they were jut embarrassed to be seen in Wales. :D

I think Dwight is right, as long as you havent signed anything you could seel them for editorial if you wanted.

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Mr T. from the A team
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Joined Jan 2006
Location: Melbourne, VIC Australia
Jul 22, 2007 19:29 |  #5

If you haven't signed anything I would use the images as you were planning on using them when you made the initial contact for the photo pass.

What they have done is revoked your permission retrospectively - they can't do anything to over ride the terms you shot under initially as you complied with everything that was asked once you were asked to stop shooting.

Good luck with it and it will be interesting to find out what the logic (or lack thereof) for the decision was.

I'd ask the person you have been dealing with at Mint Gigs if they know why it all happened and also inform them that you will be honouring the original arrangement for use/rights of the images.

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Interesting Question - Ejected from Girls Aloud Gig.
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