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Thread started 02 Aug 2007 (Thursday) 18:43
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Why is Ken Rockwell so hated?

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my head exploded
3,456 posts
Joined Feb 2007
Aug 02, 2007 23:16 |  #16

hehe tee why, on post #33, someone said that canon refused to give him gear. This shows us two things.

1. This is why he is always bashing canon.

2. Canon is a much smarter company than Nikon and the rest that gives this jamoke free gear. (i knew i went with canon for a reason) :)

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And they all look just the same.
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101 posts
Joined Oct 2006
Aug 02, 2007 23:27 |  #17

I do not hate him and I do not like him either simply I do not care about him but I have to admit he must be doing something right, every photography forum you go there is someone talking about him, if you google him you get tons of pages. A couple of month ago I was watching the news and there he was being interviewed as a "famous photographer" who was going to explain "why mexapixels did not matter" and although is hard to believe there is people who pay him for his "knowledge".

There are hundres of amazing photographers around the world but unfortunately they come and go without being noticed or reconized, there are also hundres of people talking #$%@$% in the internet but you do not see them getting the "success" the Ken Rockwell is getting.

At the end I think he is a smart guy playing dumb and he is getting the last laugh, good or bad he is getting noticed more and more as time goes by.

my head exploded
3,456 posts
Joined Feb 2007
Aug 02, 2007 23:44 |  #18

yes and its up to us, the listeners, to make those who deserve it get the attention.

And they're all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same.
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Senior Member
471 posts
Joined Jul 2006
Location: Bethesda,MD
Aug 02, 2007 23:56 |  #19

Also he is always bashing these so called "rich amateurs" when he has a plethora of gear, and a crappy gallery to show for it.

Curtis ­ N
Master Flasher
19,129 posts
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Joined Apr 2005
Location: Northern Illinois, US
Aug 03, 2007 00:22 |  #20

Hate is an ugly word.

It's times like these that I remember the words of Dennis Miller:

The same law that gives you the right to say anything you want also gives me the right to ridicule what you say mercilessly.

KR exercises his rights, we exercise ours.

"If you're not having fun, your pictures will reflect that." - Joe McNally
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Glenn ­ NK
4,630 posts
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Joined Oct 2006
Location: Victoria, BC
Aug 03, 2007 01:47 |  #21

Let's make it clear - I don't hate the guy - he's just a bit of a dork. He has an exaggerated opinion of himself, and shoots off a bit of nonsense at times.

Some of his "helpful" hints for utilizing the features of a camera are downright laughable, but that does not make him an object of hate - scorn perhaps - but not hate.

When did voluptuous become voluminous?

making stuff up
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Joined Apr 2005
Location: North Carolina
Aug 03, 2007 08:48 |  #22

I've really no problems with the man. He spews his opinion just as well as many here on POTN do. The world is not short on opinions. And there are is no shortage of those that make you go "what in the heck are they thinking". I am just surprised (actually I am not) how harsh people can be from the safety of web. I wonder if in person they exhibit such bravado in sharing their own opinions. And since when do you have to have a grand gallery to have and share opinions. If that were the case, this would be a mighty quit place.

Ken is a goof ball. I have had more then a few chuckles at his expense. But hate, or publicly deride the chap.... just not my style.

Its by knowing and mastering all the rules that you learn which ones you can break.

"spouting off stupid things"
56,013 posts
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Joined Aug 2006
Location: Deep in the heart of Texas
Aug 03, 2007 09:01 |  #23

Hate is a bit too strong. I would say I do not trust his reviews. I am a test engineer, well manager now so I guess i was suppose to forget everything, but you’re suppose to design a test totally independently from the expected outcome. In essence compare apples and apples. Many of KRs tests are designed to support a preconceived point of view then when executed the results are used to support that position. That’s just poor test methodology at best and deceitful at worst.

Not sure why, but call me JJ.
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1,241 posts
Likes: 5
Joined Dec 2004
Location: Delaware, USA
Aug 03, 2007 09:06 as a reply to  @ gjl711's post |  #24

I don't hate him. I just ignore him.

Todd (external link)
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Mr. PMS Himself
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Joined Sep 2005
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Aug 03, 2007 09:57 |  #25

There is nothing like a good old KR bashing to make the day seem a little bit sunnier! As someone mentioned in another thread, the only time Ken makes a valid point is by accident.

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discount on value meals
3,457 posts
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Joined Apr 2003
Location: Idaho!
Aug 03, 2007 10:08 |  #26

If you guys were smart - ignoring him would be far superior to confrontation or discussion with him. I'm assuming that he thrives for some reason off the controversy around his name - and it seems that most of you are falling into his trap.

Senior Member
968 posts
Joined Oct 2006
Location: Ottawa
Aug 03, 2007 10:45 |  #27

I really don't mind the guy but this is hilarious!!!​m …?story=Ken_Rock​well_Facts (external link)

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Senior Member
379 posts
Joined Jan 2007
Location: Loxahatchee, FL
Aug 03, 2007 11:42 as a reply to  @ Nick_b's post |  #28

Here is his KR's reply on 3/20/07 after finding that list in the post above:

"I'm most comfortable when people call me an idiot. It means I'm making people think. I enjoy it. Oddly I found this (external link) in a slightly different realm, which I think is hilarious."

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1,690 posts
Joined Nov 2006
Location: Miami Springs, FL.
Aug 03, 2007 11:50 |  #29

I put some post about Him may be one month ago in this forum because I found some set up suggest for him for canon 30D and Nikon D200, the result was in disaster, horrible. some vary suggest me the link that Nick_b had been post.

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Man I Like to Fart
24,737 posts
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Joined Oct 2006
Location: NYC
Aug 03, 2007 11:50 as a reply to  @ umbra's post |  #30

I really don't get the KR bashing here. I'm sure it's all in good natured fun. If that's the case then...:lol::lol::lol:

Yes, he's a bit offbeat with his dry humor. Sure, he might be a dork and perhaps even a nerd, but a lot of photogs are dorky to begin with.

Not sure about all the ragging going on about his galleries either. Let's see yours. Yes, he's got some crappy ones, but I'm sure we all have our shares. ( I know I've got a hard driver littered with crappier than crap images!)

He's got some nice work there as give him props where it's due.

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Why is Ken Rockwell so hated?
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