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FORUMS General Gear Talk Flash and Studio Lighting 
Thread started 12 Dec 2007 (Wednesday) 12:44
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Flash and Bracketing?

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Dec 13, 2007 11:10 |  #16

Well, shutter speed has no effect on FLASH EXPOSURE unless exceeding x-sync so wilt is correct. However, it will make a difference to ambient.

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Dec 13, 2007 11:17 |  #17

taygull wrote in post #4497246 (external link)
Fair enough Wilt,

but for other readers when you ay "Shutter speed will have absolutely no effect on studio flash exposures" that is a 100% inaccurate statement.

If you had said in an environment where there is no ambient light then you are correct. I never said I was in a studio or that there was a lack of ambient light.

I agree I could have given more info but...saying something has "absolutely no effect" is still not accurate with or without all the info.

We're debating nits here. For all intents and purposes, when most (not 'all', but 'most') people use a flash meter to meter studio flash lighting during typical (not'all', but 'typical') portraiture sessions and even for product photography, there is not a meaningful impact on the OVERALL exposure for typical circumstances, unless resorting to super high ISO, or quite slow shutter speeds, and quite bright ambient light -- and that affects the AMBIENT lighting exposure, not the flash portion of the exposure, as has been pointed out.

I have shot flash under fluorescent lighting in the past, for example, and under ISO 400 the ambient-only exposure is around 1/60 f/2. So if my fundamental flash exposure is at f/5.6, I already am -3EV in ambient light brightness, and light at that level still registers as black. If I slow my shutter speed to 1/30 (+1EV), the ambient level is still -2EV, bright enough to make a scarecly perceivable difference in the black, with some discernable detail (vs. absolute black) but not enough to really sufficint to register motion blur well enough.

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Flash and Bracketing?
FORUMS General Gear Talk Flash and Studio Lighting 
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