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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre General Photography Talk 
Thread started 22 Feb 2008 (Friday) 12:40
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STICKY: Photography Links

There's Moderators under there....
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Feb 22, 2008 12:40 |  #1

This is to replace the aging sticky. Hope this is better.

Photography Links

General/Multiple Category – This is the place to start as a beginning photographer. These sites contain too much information to be listed in a specific category.
Accurate Image Manipulation (external link) – Calibration, editing techniques (external link) - Camera specific wiki
Earthbound Light (external link) – Everything - tutorials, gallery, PP techiques
Ephotozine (external link) – Everything – tutorials, forum, reviews
The Digital Picture (external link) – Canon based reviews, techniques, tutorials, reviews
Digital Outback Photo (external link) – reviews, tutorials, workflow, interviews
The Lens Flare (external link) – Everything- general photography tutorials, downloads, equipment reviews, gallery
The Luminous Landscape (external link) – Everything - general photography tutorials, downloads, podcasts, equipment reviews
Fred Miranda (external link) – software, forum, reviews, articles, gallery
The Lights Right (external link) - gallery, PS tutorials and actions, reviews
Nature Photographers Online Magazine (external link) – Everything - reviews, forum, techniques, general photograph/post processing tutorials, portfolios
Naturescapes (external link) – nature photography resource, forum, gallery, tutorials
Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers (external link) – forum, tutorials, gallery, (external link) – Everything – reviews, news, gallery, techniques/tutorials
The Photo Dictionary (external link) Dictionary of photography terms, articles (external link) – Everything – reviews, forum, techniques, general photograph/post processing tutorials
PhotoSig (external link) – galleries, forums, reviews, (external link) – galleries, tutorials, event calendar
Photozone (external link) – Everything - reviews, forum, techniques, basic photography/post processing tutorials
Radiant Vista (external link) – Everything, great online PP tutorials, video tutorials, podcast, The Daily Critique
Ron Bigelow (external link) – Articles regarding photography. From composition through printing. Good source.
Short Courses (external link) – online tutorial for everything photography
Steve’s DigiCams (external link) – Everything – reviews, forums, basic photography/post processing tutorials, photo contests.
Vivid Light Photography (external link) – Online magazine – reviews, photography/PP techniques, used equipment
World of Photography (external link) – gallery, tips, techniques, tutorials, links

Business of Photography
Canon Professional Services (external link) (UK) – info for photo professionals
Interview with a copyright attorney. (external link)
United States Copyright (external link)

Artechnic (external link) – camera mods, IR conversions
Borrow Lenses (external link) - camera and lens rentals
Camera/lens manuals and parts catalogs (external link)
Cambags (external link) - 600 camera bags reviewed
Camera Lens Rental (external link) -
Canon Digital Learning Center (external link) – Canon EOS techniques
Canon EOS (external link) – digital slr homepage
Canon EF lens specs (external link) – all together in one PDF
Digital Photography Review (external link) – camera/lens reviews, galleries, forum, glossary
The Digital Picture (external link) – Canon lens date codes explained
Glass and Gear (external link) - camera and lens rentals - sometimes offers POTN discounts
Imaging Resource (external link) – camera/lens reviews, pricing, forums, tutorials (external link) – infra red photography resource
Gitzo (external link) – tripods and ballheads
Lensbabies (external link) – focus shift lenses
Lenses for Hire (external link) (UK) – lens, camera and equipment rentals
Lens Rentals (external link) – lens, camera and equipment rentals
Lowepro (external link) – camera bags
Manfrotto (external link) – camera tripods and ballheads
Photodo (external link) – lens reviews
Photographyreview (external link) – camera/lens reviews, plus shopping, forums, portfolios
Really Right Stuff (external link) – tripods, ballheads etc
Robert Galbraith (external link) – camera news, storage card speed reports
Sekonic (external link) – handheld light meters
Sigma (external link) – home page, cameras and lenses
Singh-Ray Filters (external link) -
Tamrac (external link) – camera bags
Tamron (external link) – home page lenses
THK Photo Products (external link) – supplies for Tokina lenses, Hoya Filters, Kenko light meters, Slik tripods

Camera Maintenance
Copper Hill Images Sensor Cleaning (external link)
Kinetronics Corp (external link) – Sensor/lens cleaning equipment
Photographic Solutions (external link) – sensor cleaning
Visible Dust (external link) – sensor cleaning equipment

Color Management/Profiles
Color Geek (external link) – color related products, profiles
Colour Confidence (external link) (UK) – color management/calibration supplies
Datacolor (external link) – Spyder color calibration equipment
Digital Light & Color (external link) – PP software, tutorials
Dry Creek Photo (external link) – color management resources
Hutcheson Consulting (external link) – color management solutions
Whibal (external link) – white balance cards
Worqx (external link) – Color theory

Flash/Studio Lighting
Botzilla (external link) – strobe trigger voltages (external link) – flash and studio lighting tutorials, equipment reviews, gallery
DIY flash diffuser (external link)- nice instructions
Strobist (external link) – everything you need to know about lighting

DLC Photography (external link) – Birding, gallery, tutorials
Digital Photography (external link) – forum, gallery, exhibits
Photo Friday (external link) – weekly photo challenge
Shorpy (external link) – gallery of 100+ year old photos, blog
Woophy (external link) – photos displayed by location on world map

Gallery hosting sites
Flickr (external link)
Pbase (external link)
SmugMug (external link)

ITunes Podcast/Video Podcasts - these links may only work if you have ITunes already open
Digital Photography Podcast by Allen Rockwell (external link)
The Digital Photography Show by Scott Sherman (external link)
Digital Photography Tip of the Week by Branson Sparks (external link)
Digital Photography Video Podcast by Allen Rockwell (external link)
Digital photography tips from the top floor (external link)
EXIF and Beyond Photography Discussions by Jim Goldstein (external link)
LensWork - Photography and the creative process (external link)
Lightroom for digital photographers (external link)
LightSource Studio Photography Podcast (external link)
Meet the Gimp! by Rolf Steinort (external link)
Photography 101 by Scott Wittenburg (external link)
Photoshop Elements Video Podcast by Philip Andrews (external link)
Photoshop for digital photographers (external link)
Pro Photography Show (external link)
Sports Photography Podcasts (external link)
This Week in Photography (external link)
Thoughts on Photography by Paul Giguere (external link)
Unshutter Photography Podcasts (external link)
Woven Shadows: Digital Photography Video Tutorials (external link)

Links to other links
Epic Edits Weblog (external link)- (external link) – source for other links
Photography Voter (external link)
PhotoLinks (external link)- many, many links
The Stock Directory (external link) - very good site with well organized links.

Magazines - print
Digital Photo Pro (external link)
EOS Magazine (external link)
Outdoor Photographer (external link)
Popular Photography (external link)
Vivid Light Photography (external link) – online magazine with articles, tutorials

Current Aurora News (external link)
Clear Sky Chart (external link) - cloud coverage information for North America
National Weather Service - USA radar for entire US. (external link)
Sunrise/Sunset Calendar (external link) – US only

New York Photo Permit Information
Photography in Parks (external link)
Still Photography Permits (external link)

Printing/Print Houses/Supplies
Blurb vs Lulu vs MyPublisher (external link) - comparison of several on demand publishing companies
Blurb (external link)- print your own photo book. Printer of the amazing POTN book
Canon (external link) – printers and supplies
DPI (external link) – large format printing services
El-Co Color Labs (external link)
Epson (external link) – printers and supplies
Ilford (external link) - paper and printer profiles
Kodak paper ICC profiles (external link) - these are all they have
Mat Shop (external link) – matting and framing supplies
Mpix (external link)
Perfect Posters (external link)
Picaboo (external link)– print your own book
Print Big (external link)-
Red River Paper (external link) – photo paper supplier
Redimat (external link) – matting and framing supplies
Twizle (external link) (UK) – Canvas printing
West Coast Imaging (external link) -
White House Custom Colour (external link)

Harry Caplin (external link)- B&W images from American southwest 1940 to 1960.
Luminous-Lint (external link) - for collectors and connoisseurs of fine photography
Oleg Kikin (external link)– List of photographers organized by type

Photography Basics – Composition/Exposure/D​epth of Field etc
About Bokeh (external link) - definition of Bokeh and some scientific stuff as to how it is formed
Bokeh (external link) - wiki definition
The Art of Photography (external link) – step by step introduction through photography principles
Cameras Interactive (external link)- Cameras Interactive aims to help novice photographers grasp the main concepts of SLR photography. Great site for beginning photographers.
Canon Digital SLR Cameras (external link) – Canon’s step by step intro to slr basics
Chiaroscuro (external link) - a wiki definition of the word regarding light and dark
The Coles’ Home Page (external link) – General - good explanation of f/stop
Digital-monochrome (external link) – good source for B&W images w/tutorials
Digital Photography School (external link) - introduction to exposure
DOFMaster (external link) – depth of field calculator, hyperfocal distance
Exposure (external link)– Crash course to in depth explanation of exposure
Ralph Barker Photography (external link) - Depth of field calculator
Digital Photography For What It’s Worth (external link) – photography articles
School of Photography (external link) – nighttime photography instruction
Photo Composition Articles (external link) – links to composition articles for all types of photography
Photography Calculators (external link) - DOF, Field of View and other calculators
Portrait Photography Tips (external link)
Outsight Environmental Photography (external link) – hyperfocal/dof calculators
Wonderful Photos (external link) – macro articles, interesting gallery of daily photos
White Balance (external link) - list of color temperatures from different light sources
Zibtips (external link) – great site for beginners

Post processing/HDR (external link) – all about graphics software not just PS, techniques, tutorials
Adobe Support Home (external link)
Autostitch (external link) - panorama stitching software (external link) - calibration tutorials, forums, techniques, reviews
Cambridge in Colour (external link) – tutorials, HDR techniques, good gallery
Canon DPP Tutorials (external link)
Canon Picture Styles (external link) – Canon’s list of picture styles with tutorials
Canon Digital Photo Pro (external link) - download the original version here.
Canon Digital Photo Pro Mac (external link) - download original version here
Canon Digital Photo Pro (external link) - download the updates here
Computer Darkroom (external link)– PS tutorials/techniques, gallery, color management
Elements Village (external link) – forum geared specifically for Elements users
Exif Veiwer (external link) - Firefox plug in to view exif info
http://flyingpanther.w​ (external link) - creating HDR images
Good Tutorials (external link) – PS tutorials
James McIntosh (external link) – Article on digital sharpening
GIMP (external link) - everyones favorite free post processing software (external link) - everything for post processing, HDR, enlargement, etc
HDRsoft (external link) - Photomatix HDR software
Imagenomic (external link) - freeware and purchase noise reduction software
Inside Lightroom (external link) - Lightroom presets
Jay Arraich Photography (external link) – PS tutorials Element specific
Kelby Training (external link) - photoshop training classes
Michael Almond (external link) – review of noise reduction software, gallery
National association of Photoshop Professionals (external link)
NDNoise (external link)- freeware noise reduction software
Norman Koren Photography (external link) – techniques, PS tutorials, printing, color management
Orton Imagery (external link)– tutorial for Orton images from Nature Photographers Magazine
Neat Image (external link) - noise reduction software
Opanda (external link) - EXIF viewer plugin
Paint Shop Pro (external link) – user group specifically for PSP
PhaseOne (external link) – digital capture software, medium format digital info (external link) - comprehensive list of freeware downloads
PhotoRescue (external link) – software to recover pictures from corrupted storage cards
Photoshop Action (external link) – PS actions, tutorials
Photoshop Café (external link)– PS actions, tutorials
Photoshop Elements Techniques (external link)– everything you need to know about Elements and online/print magazine
Photoshop Support (external link) – PS tutorials, support and techniques
Photoshop Techniques (external link) – forum, techniques
The Plug In Site (external link) – various PS plug ins
Photoshop User TV (external link)- video podcasts of Photoshop techniques
Plugins World (external link)– various plug ins for Adobe and Apple products
Pro Digital Image (external link) – PS training, classes, workshops
Raw Converter Comparisons (external link)
Raw Workflow (external link) – discussions and instruction for RAW processing and workflow
RetouchPro (external link) – forum for photo retouchers,
Roger Cavanagh (external link) – PS tutorials, actions, gallery
The Russell Brown Show (external link) – Photoshop techniques
Scott Kelby - Dave Hill technique (external link)
Tutorial Kit (external link) - free PS tutorials
Vanilla Days (external link) - HDR tutorials
Wacom (external link) – post processing tablets
Worth1000 (external link) – gallery of processed images

POTN links
Ansel Adams types of mountains by rammy
All about Canon
Avatars - Images and Avatars, How, Where and Why
Ben's Newbie Guide to Digital SLR Photography
Birds - Blonde's guide to bird photography
Birds - Reference ID sites for Birds
Reference ID sites for Insects, Animals and flora
Black and white conversion tips
Black and White - Another good conversion thread.
Bokeh - What is it?
Camera Bag Reviews
Choosing a Tripod, How too and Reviews
Color Problems (work in progress)
Comparison of metering modes by Curtis N
Canon ICC printer profiles thread
Chimping thread
Concert Photography Tips: A FAQ Perhaps
EOS Facts Thread
Everything you want to know about aftermarket batteries for Canon DSLR's
Exposing to the right - an example
Free Photography Programs
Forum Rules
GIMP - everyones free Photoshop
Grey card: Why your meter may be lying to you by PhotosGuy
Grey card...White Paper
Histogram FAQ's and Links
How to attach a photo to a post
Image Posting Rules
Landscape Photography Tips
Landscape Photography Tips Compressed
Lens Sample Images Archive
Lightroom threads
Limitations of Fluorescent Lighting by CurtisN
Macro - How about all you "Macro Pros" giving some Tips?
Motorsport Shooting Tips, Tutorials and Advice
My Dave Hill Technique Explained
Nature - Reference ID sites for Insects, Animals and flora
Need an Exposure Crutch
Panning Shots #1
Panning Shots #2
Pete's Creative Sharpening Tutorial (external link)
Photography Books
POTN Shop - get your POTN gear - you'll take better pictures
Raw processing FAQ's and Links
Resizing images for web
Sharpening Settings Chart
Sports Shooting Tutorials and Advice
Studio Lighting Important Links
Studio Lighting DIY Projects
Tim's enlargement & printing thread
Tips on shooting panoramic photos by rammy
Urban - Shooting 'the streets/candids' - all the tips!
Volunteering through photography
Waterdrop Tutorial
Where to host my photos
Wildlife Photography Tips

Schools/Tutorials (external link) – courses, gallery, forum, tutorials
Digital Photography School (external link)
How to photograph a wedding 101 (external link)
Motorcar Photography Tips (external link) (external link)
Proud Photography (external link)- Online photography course with live tutors
School of Photography (external link)– online instruction for all types of photography lessons including special types
Max Lyons Digital Image Gallery (external link) – examples of panoramic/blended/stit​ched images, some tutorial
Panoguide (external link) – everything for panoramic images, tutorials, forums, products
Adorama Imaging Resource Center:100 tips in 100 days (external link)

Adorama (external link)
B&H Photo (external link) – most everyones favorite
Blick Art Materials (external link)– arts and crafts supplies
Photographers Edge (external link) – cardstock, display supplies
Reseller ratings (external link) - check here before you buy from ebay

Travels to the Edge w/Art Wolfe (external link)
Wild Photo Adventures (external link)

Please post replies for additional links to be added or PM me. Thanks


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Feb 22, 2008 13:29 |  #2

This thread replaces the now rather ugly and old "Best Links" thread.
For those interested the old thread is still alive and can be found here;​ad.php?t=22081

Eric, Thanks for taking the time to go through this! Awesome job!

Jake Hegnauer Photography (external link)

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Mar 27, 2008 16:51 |  #3

This is great!!! Thanks!!!

 (external link)​photos/aaac/ (external link)

Mostly Lurking
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Apr 02, 2008 03:35 as a reply to  @ ADAPTE's post |  #4

Would you consider my website on bokeh?​Site/About_Bokeh.html (external link)

-- (external link)

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Apr 05, 2008 23:16 as a reply to  @ kshuler's post |  #5

WOW...I am new to POTN and I am soooo grateful for this Thread. Incredible that you have taken the time to organize all this information so that newbies like myself can really begin the learning process without having to hunt through millions or sites.

I am sure I will pay this forward somehow, someday. Thanks for your hard work!

....make someone smile, take their picture!:)

AnnE Photography, Washington DC​om/tobagosc (external link)​acharles_photography (external link)
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There's Moderators under there....
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Apr 05, 2008 23:42 |  #6

Thank you and welcome to the forum. You will enjoy it as much as the rest of us.


Senior Member
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Apr 06, 2008 01:39 as a reply to  @ eddarr's post |  #7

Great list. Will check out when I have time. Thanks.

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 (external link)

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Apr 08, 2008 12:28 |  #8


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Location: Illinois
Apr 08, 2008 17:15 |  #9

Thank you for the list! It'll be very helpful to me.

Canon XTi (Gripped) 16-35mm f/2.8L | 50mm f/1.8 | 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6

dave ­ sparks
Senior Member
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Location: NW Indiana
Jun 10, 2008 17:34 |  #10

hi Eric,
Great list and thanks! Could you check out photoflexlightingschoo​ and see if it's worth adding? They have some great tutorials there as well. Just thought it might make a good addition to a great list.
Thanks Sparky

40D, 24-105L, 380EX Speedlight.
Olympus E3, 14-54, 50-200, EC14 and Metz 48 AF-1.

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Jun 25, 2008 14:51 |  #11

I just found a cool website, not for sure if its on your list or not. (external link)

Not a pro by any means.. Just enjoy taking pics.
Gear: Canon 60D, Rebel XSi; Canon 50mm ; Canon 55-250mm IS ; Flash: Canon 430ex II with diffuser My Just order sigma 18-50mm :).
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http://michilles-photography.blogspot.c​om/ (external link)

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Jun 26, 2008 00:48 as a reply to  @ michillebaker's post |  #12

Another I didn't see in the list: (external link) - contains weekly photo competitions, turorials, forums and much more.

Hye 5 Photography (external link)

2 posts
Joined Oct 2008
Oct 22, 2008 13:30 |  #13

Hey guys, I was just browsing the New York Public Library for a school project and noticed they have some pretty cool videos recently put up. One of them highlights the history of photography from where it began to where it is today. I suggest taking a look if you are interested in this type of stuff!​ws/treasures/ (external link)

34 posts
Joined Nov 2008
Nov 03, 2008 20:21 |  #14

thanks for the great work!

5 posts
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Location: Singapore
Jan 31, 2009 08:09 |  #15

Thanks for sharing!

singapore corporate and industrial photographers photography (external link)

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