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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Weddings & Other Family Events Talk 
Thread started 28 Jul 2008 (Monday) 10:46
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Jul 28, 2008 10:46 |  #1

I'm fairly new to photography (I've been shooting for about a year and a half) and I have never really had a paid gig, I've kind of just shot for fun. However, I would like to get into shooting bridals/weddings/engag​ements. I've never done anything like it before, so I'm wondering. What advice do you guys have for a someone like me looking to get into this sort of thing? ANY advice would help! Thanks!

By the way, I'm shooting right now with a Canon Rebel XTi and a Canon Rebel EOS as a back up. I have a range of lenses that go from 18mm-300mm. I don't know if any other information would be useful, so just ask!

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Jul 28, 2008 11:12 |  #2

On the gear side of things you will need (if you have not already got) good fast lenses, f2.8 for the zooms and faster if you use primes. Also, don't overlook having a wide-angle lens. My 10-20mm lens often sees some action. At least 1 flashgun is essential, although I have 3- 2x 580exII and a 430EX. Lots of memory - I take about 64 gig with me in 8, 4 & 2 gig cards. Extra batteries. 2 camera bodies are also essential for 2 reasons - the 1st reason is in case your camera breaks or stops working (so you have a back up) and the 2nd is so you won't have to change your lenses as often. I tend to keep my 70-200 on one body and swap around the lenses on the other.

Also, make sure you have a good bag that works for you. I have used rucksacks, slingshots and shoulder bags at various weddings but I eventually settled on a belt pack that goes round my waist, holds 3 lenses and a few other bits (Tamrac Quarter Moon). It is for me the best bag for what I need - the lenses are immediately accessible and it makes changing them on the fly a doddle and it doesn't get in my way. *Edit* I now use a Lowepro Stealth Reporter - the Tamrac doesn't hold enough any more!

Shoot in RAW, that way you will have the greatest room for correcting shots and adjusting white balance. I shoot manual 90% of the time (it's not a "must" but I think it's better than any other mode, generally) as it gives me the greatest consistency in my shots and the best level of control. Don't be afraid of high ISO's as it is better to get a sharp shot with a bit of noise than a blurred, noise free image, and high ISO's are often essential anyway at weddings.

You have to be confident in yourself and in front of a crowd - as you are working closely with the bride and groom you will be a prominent figure on the wedding day. Getting a job with an established wedding photographer as a second shooter is a good way to get experience, although not absolutely essential. What is essential though is that you are properly setup and ready equipment wise and mentally to be able to deal with the pressures that come with photographing the most important day in a couple's lives.

Here's some reading for you:

Good link for engagements:

Engagement Sessions: Tips and Tricks or "How To"

Links for wedding tips:

http://www.photopromag​ …resource/39-weddings.html (external link)
http://www.davidfenwic​ (external link)​g-photography-tips.html (external link)
http://www.ephotozine.​com …edding-Photography-Part-1 (external link)
http://www.ephotozine.​com …edding-Photography-Part-2 (external link)
http://www.ephotozine.​com …edding-photography-tips-3 (external link)​m/NEW%20WEDDING.pdf (external link)
http://www.rokkorfiles​.com/Wedding101-page1.html (external link)
http://tips.romanzolin​.com …eBagofWeddingPh​otographer (external link)
http://www.planetneil.​com …/1-natural-looking-flash/ (external link)
The "how to" guide to doing 10 minute formals
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Tim's Wedding FAQ (advance preview)
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http://meninenuotrauka​.lt/en/index.php (external link)

www.mikegreenphotograp​ (external link)
UK South Easterners
flickr (external link) Insta1 (external link) Insta2 (external link)

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Jul 28, 2008 11:25 as a reply to  @ Mike's post |  #3

Go to lots of indoor events and master getting shots in dark halls with flash, but look like flash wasn't used. That way, when you get your first paid job, you won't have to come to POTN and ask "the hall is going to be dark, what should my settings be?"

Seriously, just go out and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. Good luck!

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