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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Weddings & Other Family Events Talk 
Thread started 03 Oct 2008 (Friday) 21:48
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Anyone using Lensbaby in the wedding ?

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Oct 09, 2008 21:10 |  #16

Apologize for hijacking the thread a bit, but what about the same question regarding a tilt/shift lens. Would you use a T/S at a wedding? I love the effect of these lenses and think that a limited use in a wedding would be good (easily overdone tho).

Thanks and now back to the thread at hand. …?p=5113699&post​count=1082

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Oct 09, 2008 21:17 |  #17

Permagrin wrote in post #6436935 (external link)
My husband (and second shooter) has a lensbaby but it's been banned from the weddings we shoot. It just takes too much time to get a good focus and the shots are never usable. You can achieve a lens baby look from a good photo, in post processing. So for us, no...we never use it at our weddings.

Permagrin wrote in post #6448543 (external link)
hardly...sometimes I do wonder why I answer questions around here....if you've ever been paid to do something like a wedding, you know there are time constraints as well as photos that need to be captured. In my experience, there's no time for things like lensbabies. Others may feel differently.

as for the comments on my marriage...:rolleyes:

Agreed. I sold mine shortly after buying it...after playing around with it at home, I knew it wouldn't be useful at a wedding. There's just no time for fiddling.

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Oct 09, 2008 21:19 as a reply to  @ davecole650's post |  #18

There are a ton of lenses that I would love to use for weddings. Sure, the Lensbaby, the t/s lenses, some of the big tele's for the prime bokeh, but then we get back down to the subject of time. There are some segments of wedding photography that are not as rushed as others, but those segments are few and far in between those moments where you're acting like some predatory photog looking for the next clever shot. That being the case, having specialty lenses just don't take the space in my bag. I've got a couple of zooms, maybe a low light prime like the 85 and a macro. Other than that, I just don't have time to fiddle about with funky lenses.

Of course, yeah, I'd love to use the T/S lens at a wedding, or maybe an e-shoot, if I could ever a. get one and b. get the time....

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Oct 17, 2008 12:47 |  #19

no problem
actually thats a good and valid question
thanks for putting that up

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Oct 17, 2008 17:53 |  #20

There are a few lulls throughout the wedding day that might permit a little experimentation. I've had the luxury of getting creative while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive to the reception. If I actually had the money to burn on one of these I'd use it to shoot creatively on stuff like wine glasses, the guest book, candids of guests chatting at their tables... a little tripod abstract work would fit in those spots just fine. And with live-live you should be able ot nail your focusing without a problem.

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Oct 18, 2008 12:52 as a reply to  @ Pearlallica's post |  #21

While its not a lens that I use at every wedding, I have been known to pull it out and great some great shots with it. For me it depends on the feel of the wedding. Most of the time I have enough time to use it, but I don't have a need for it. There have been times when I look at a situation and think "this would be perfect with the lensbaby" and go straight for it. (external link) | twitter (external link) | facebook (external link)

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Anyone using Lensbaby in the wedding ?
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