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FORUMS News & Rumors Camera Rumors and Predictions 
Thread started 07 Jan 2009 (Wednesday) 12:43
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Canon 60D Rumors Rumors Rumors

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Aug 29, 2010 14:14 |  #2431

MrWho wrote in post #10810994 (external link)
I remember reading something that made the AF system sound closer, not the same as, but closer to the Rebel than the 50D, my bad if I'm wrong though. It seems like Canon felt the 50D was too close to the 7D for some inexplicable reason.

Do you have a link for that? I've read nothing like that so far. Everything I read indicates that the AF hasn't changed from the 40D/50D (the 10D/20D/30D had a similar system to what is now used on the rebel cameras). The only thing the 60D is missing is micro-adjustment (which the 50D had).

60D/50D/40D: 9 cross-type AF points, center point additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8 or faster​m …ews/canoneos60d​/page2.asp (external link)​m/reviews/canoneos50d/​page2.asp (external link)

Rebels (XSi - T2i): 8 line sensors (outer focus points) + 1 cross-type center point, additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8
The XTI had a similar setup but was missing the extra sensitivity for f/2.8 or faster.
Original rebel and rebel XS had a 7 poimt AF system.

All in all I think the camera is much closer related to the 50D than to the rebel models. It is a step down from the 50D in some points but that's because what was once the X0D-line has now essentially been split into two lines, one slightly above (7D) and one slightly below (60D).

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Aug 29, 2010 16:18 |  #2432

after being very disappointed at first, I have to admit that I'm not that sceptical anymore.. firstly because I found out that even though the WB-button is gone, you could use the set-button as WB-button.. there's still one button less which could have been used for other useful things perhaps, but.. well.. its not THAT bad anymore at least.. and then I found out that the minimum shutterspeed still was 1/8000 after all (Canon Norway said 1/4000 -typo obviously).. I dont care about the plastic body and SD cards (I've already invested in them since I have 450D) and I kinda like the size-reduction, so that leaves me with only two real issues; only one Custom mode on the program wheel and the lack of MFA (which might be fixed if many enough of us follow this guy's example (external link) and sends canon an email asking for it).. Then of course it's frustrating to see them giving noob-modes priority instead of pushing the camera further (like I'd wish they had added better AF for liveview and video, and maybe pushed the ISO-performance even a bit further) but in the end I guess I can manage to ignore those things.. Wether I end up buying it or not eventually, I don't know -I have to chew on it a bit more, see how the grip and joystick feels irl, where the price ends up, etc..

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Aug 29, 2010 20:10 |  #2433

sth_ wrote in post #10811485 (external link)
Do you have a link for that?

It surfaced back in the rumor days but that was incorrect info, the first link proves it.


Has the TF retired? Or just being utterly lazy?
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Sep 02, 2010 16:12 |  #2434

Just got back from the canon expo. Really great enviroment. For those that have some time tomorrow before 3pm head down to the javits center. Its free. I was able to use the 60D while there. My initial take: great cheap video slr. The screen will help a lot in that aspect. However, i wouldnt put much pressure on it. Build is slightly bigger than a rebel to me. Very light body. Feels cheap to be honest. Here are some shots off my iphone from the event. Ill be there tomorrow at 12 for another seminar:

60D in my hands:


Angle shot of the 60D being used by another person:


Entrance to Canon Expo:


This is the model booth. Here they had a profesional shooter using the 1DIV. Showing how easy the work flow can be and "the brilliance" of the 1DIV


I thought this was pretty cool. Every few minutes a model walks down this runway. On the sides are three rows of various different canon models with different canon lens's so you can shoot the models. At first i thought this was an acutaly runway show until i got closer and saw the cameras held by a leash to the bars :lol:


Great event too bad its only every 5 years.

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Canon 60D Rumors Rumors Rumors
FORUMS News & Rumors Camera Rumors and Predictions 
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