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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
Thread started 06 Mar 2009 (Friday) 13:29
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Baseball with a 7-200 2.8 IS IS on or off??

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Mar 06, 2009 13:29 |  #1

Ok here goes. I haven't been very happy with the results I'm getting with my 50D and the 70-200 2.8 IS lens. I received a nice PM from someone that said I should try turning the IS off. If you keep IS on what Mode are you using? I or II???

I'd like to know if you guys shoot with the IS off or on. IF you can post some photos as an example. Also, please feel free to offer any other assistance.


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Mar 06, 2009 13:40 |  #2

Unless your IS is malfunctioning, it is not the fault behind whatever results you are getting.

To answer your question though, when I shoot with my 70-200 I turn it off unless I need it. I simply dont like having it spin up all the time when I dont need it to. All of the superteles though, I leave it on simply to help stabilize the viewfinder.

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Mar 06, 2009 14:31 |  #3

Very rarely use IS, honestly don't remember the last time I used it but think it was a couple seasons ago when I wasn't too balanced. Read the manual because it explains the use and reasons behind IS.

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Mar 06, 2009 14:40 as a reply to  @ MJPhotos24's post |  #4

If my SS is 1/1000th or so, I usually turn it off. If my SS is 1/60th or so, I usually turn it on.

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Mar 06, 2009 14:43 |  #5

Shooting baseball, or any sports, you need a fast enough shutter speed to stop action. That means a shutter speed of at least 1/500 sec, preferably faster. IS provides no benefit at that high of shutter speed.

As Adam said, if you are disatisfied with your results it is not the fault of IS.

For outdoor sports I use a 70-200 F4 NON IS. for indoor sports I use various fast primes all non IS.

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Mar 06, 2009 15:06 |  #6

Well, if you aren't letting the IS spin up before you trip the shutter you could be causing some issues. The IS needs a second or two to figure out what it is trying to counter, so if you just push the shutter button down and not allowing the IS to settle, you are actually inducing "camera shake" into your images.

IS is intended to help reduce the effects of camera shake when you are trying to keep the camera/lens steady. If you're moving the lens on purpose, there no reason to have IS on, since it will be attempting to counter the motions that you making even though you are doing it on purpose.

The exception is when you are trying to pan. Then you can leave the IS on mode 2. Mode 2 will only counter horizontal movements, not vertical movements.

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Dec 11, 2010 09:50 as a reply to  @ DDCSD's post |  #7

Wow, great information! I'm looking to buy a 70-200, and couldn't decided whether or not the IS was important for me.
This helps me make my mind up (I think) :)

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Baseball with a 7-200 2.8 IS IS on or off??
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