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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
Thread started 07 Apr 2009 (Tuesday) 09:18
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First Time Sequence

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Apr 07, 2009 09:18 |  #1

Just bought a 50D and took it to the skate park. Wanted to test out the high speed continuous shooting (sounds like a fricken machine gun!!). So I sequenced these pictures together of my friend freebording. Let me know what I can improve on and what you all think. The shots were hand held too:


Edit I wanna post another one too. Hand held with on-camera 430 EX II


EXIFs should be intact :​photos/photogcudds/ (external link)

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Apr 07, 2009 10:56 |  #2

#1 Nice PP work. Ideally you'd have a bit more light on his face at the end of the first pic, but what can you do, hey? Leave a big reflector on the ground just out of shot? Haven't to be much better organised than me.... Marginally lower camera angle might have helped too, but as is your composition divides horizontally at thirds and works well.

#2 Technically, excellent judgement with the flash fill into the sun... might have been interesting with the flash firing at the end of a slightly longer exposure too. You're obviously in control of the overall exposure too... shooting into the sun is something few people walk away from relatively unscathed.

Cheers, Tony

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Cream of the Crop
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Location: Spotsylvania Co., VA
Apr 07, 2009 14:58 |  #3

I like the idea of the sequenced images in the first picture. I assume that these images were processed in some particular software package that forces each separate image to automatically orient itself or register in the stationary background elements.

Do you have the procedure documented somewhere so that you can share it?

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Apr 07, 2009 15:12 |  #4

I really enjoy the first one. I think you put the sequence together much better than anything I could do. I personally think you forced too many photos in the sequence for that angle. I simply can't see what's going on with the trick. Only on a 5th look did I realize he's doing a tail grab. I think it would be less confusing if there were less shots in the sequence or you moved further left to incorporate more distance in the skater's air. Or, go bigger :-)

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Apr 07, 2009 15:38 as a reply to  @ mikepack's post |  #5

Thanks guys! Yeah, I really wish I had some kind of fill on his face in the sequence. Ive been reading a lot on off camera flashing, but dont have the equipment for it yet, it looks like a good time.

The pictures were all taken hand held and a few of the backgrounds were different. I used Photoshop CS2 and gave each image it's own layer. From there I masked each one, except the one that I would use for the background. I too noticed it looked very cluttered. I know after taking the pictures that a different angle would be better, and believe me I will do that next time ;) . I also found that when I was hiding the layers that it just looked weird not to have them all up felt like it was taking away from the movement that the picture would show. So I opted to go with changing each layers' opacity. Started 40% closest to the tail grab out to 70% and left the begining and end at 100%. Maybe I could take the opacity down further...

Something like this: http://www.instructabl​​V7BV5U/ (external link) but with masks instead of deleting the whole image. Non destructive editing, if you will

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First Time Sequence
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
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