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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Urban Life & Travel Talk 
Thread started 14 Jul 2009 (Tuesday) 15:15
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About to leave for Vietnam

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Jul 14, 2009 15:15 |  #1

Hey all, I am about to leave for vacation to Vietnam and need some advice. I really want to take my camera with me, but would it be a good idea. i will be traveling from north to south vietnam so there will be some urban and suburbs areas. I dont want my bag/camera to be stolen while i am there.

Also i am aware that Vietnam is very humid. how should i deal with that.

Or should i just get a point and shoot just to be safe?


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Jul 14, 2009 18:46 |  #2

I have to admit...I'd probably not go to Nam for a vacation but....if'n I did...I'd take a problems with that camera ever....

It's very discreet, and IQ is great...battery last a long time...take a few extras anyway...
Use Class 6 SDHC cards and your good to go.....

A close friend is in Hanoi as I write this....he's there till mid August....
Maybe you can hook up with him....but I can't post info on an open forum (see my avatar)...for reasons but before you leave....maybe we can make a connection...he's a great shooter..and he's using a G 9 & G10.......


Cheers, Don

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Jul 16, 2009 01:42 as a reply to  @ Streetshooter's post |  #3

You'll be kicking yourself if you don't take your best camera in my opinion. Vietnam is a nuts place for street photography plus it has awesome countryside.

As for humidity, just take care and give your camera time to adjust i.e. going out of an air-conditioned building on a warm humid day. If you're really worried, take some sealable plastic bags and some of those little anti-moisture bags that are packed with new electronic gear - might help adjust your camera without the fogging up.

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Jul 16, 2009 13:12 as a reply to  @ Harlz's post |  #4

In a country where the average annual income is $100US, your equipment, even if it is a P&S, can feed a family for a year or two.

Please be careful when you are using your camera in public, particularly on or near the streets. One common tactic is the moped drive-by, in which the thieves would snatch the camera/cell phone/necklaces (anything of value) straight out of your hands/body and speed off blending into the sea of other mopeds.

I would try to be discreet, snap quick photos, wrap the camera strap around my hand, stand away from moving traffic, and stand in locations with something behind you, such as a light pole or a wall to prevent people from sneaking up on you from behind.

It sounds dangerous, and in some areas it is, but a little precaution goes a long way in protecting your equipment and your safety.

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Jul 16, 2009 20:57 as a reply to  @ lithiumcove's post |  #5

im pretty sure if you have a Pns, you're much less at risk to snatch thefts if you don't brandish it out like mad all the time (esp late at night holding it on your hand walking on the side of their streets).

On the other hand, there's not much need to be discreet because they'll know anyway. The best would be to act knowledgeable, and blend in with the crowd (while learning their culture). don't dress like a tourist! buy some of their cheap shirts and wear em. it helps!

Hmm, you can bring a dslr, it's perfectly fine, and only remember to carry the very minimal, like a 18-200 + an ultra wide, don't change your lenses as it'll take time and it's very very dusty. Asian countries are less at risk to pickpocket/snatch theft compared to European countries, in general.

Humidity will slow you down once you get out of the airport. it's that bad. Your camera+lens will do fine. just remember to wipe it clean after each night with a towel from your sweaty hands. you should be more concerned on how you're gonna deal with their humidity.

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Jul 27, 2009 21:01 |  #6

The pickpocketing I've witnessed in some parts of Viet Nam is really bad. Everyone drives by small motorcycles/scooters over there and often time, if you've got valuable items out, they will attempt to snatch it as they drive by. I've seen this happen twice. Once a purse and the other time earrings. It's not like you will always see it happening but it does and it's not rare. If you're bringing expensive gear, I wouldn't have it on loosely or if behind you, make sure you've got a strong bag. My aunt had a thin purse and they just cut it open from the back and take things without you knowing.

I'm not saying to not bring your gear but, if you do, be smart and put it away when not in use. Viet Nam's economy has been improving in the last few years and it's becoming safer but there's still always risk.

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Jul 28, 2009 14:08 as a reply to  @ tone.tran's post |  #7

I was in Vietnam last year and I had a Sony DSC-H5 with me and never had any problems, but definitely be careful and I would get off the street while changing lenses. The pickpocketers in HCMC are legendary, had a pack of smokes taken by a group of 10-year-olds.

We also flew into Hanoi and went south to HCMC. The traffic in Hanoi has to be seen to be believed, and you can get some very cool night-time long exposure shots of the intersections. Other highlights included Ninh Binh (1 day south of Hanoi) and Hoi An (middle). Halong Bay is beautiful but nearly all of the tours (and there are tons) are so poorly run that it really detracts from the beauty. To be honest, if you rent a bicycle in Ninh Binh, the scenery is very similar sans the hassles. If you ride motorbikes, I highly encourage renting one to take through the central highlands. You can also hire an Easy Rider. Dalat is full of kitsch and the dried fruit capital of the world. If you see any street stands selling Nem Nuong that is a very tasty snack/meal. Enjoy!

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Jul 28, 2009 14:32 |  #8

I just got back from VN a week ago and already miss it. Like other said, you will hate it without your best camera. But you will also hate it to come back without your camera, so use your best judment of how safe it is for you to pull out the DSLR. I brought both (P&S + DSLR) and used the P&S when I need to take a quick shot and put away without exposing what I carry in my SlingShot. Go all out when you sit in a Taxi or sitting at a cafe/restaurant in a safe area. Naughty city that I heard of were Hanoi and HCM city, away from those big city is safer. Have fun, good luck and enjoy. Don't forget to visit my Flickr before you go :)

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Aug 03, 2009 20:28 |  #9

damn dont get jacked

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About to leave for Vietnam
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