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Thread started 18 Aug 2009 (Tuesday) 20:08
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some prime choices

shooter ­ mcgavin
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Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Aug 18, 2009 20:08 |  #1

I'm working on getting into a Canon dslr kit again, and I'll be selling the lens that I have now on Friday and hopefully picking up two more. (I have a 20D) I'm definitely getting the Sigma 30 f/1.4, but I'm looking for something else to compliment it, mostly for portraiture. My two options I'm looking at are the 85 f/1.8 and 60 f/2.8. I have owned the 85 and really liked it, but it definitely is long indoors, and these lenses will be my two general use lenses, as they will be my only two. With that being the case I'm leaning towards the 60 because of it's macro capabilities and shorter fl. The only thing making me lean toward the 85 is the extra stop+.

I'm not really sold on either, but I just thought I'd see if anyone has experience with both of these and could give a comparison to me, considering what I've shared as my needs/wants. Thanks a lot!

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Location: Chicago, IL
Aug 18, 2009 20:20 |  #2

My first prime was the 60mm macro. I used the same decision process that you did. It's a nice FL, reasonably fast and a ton of fun to use as a macro. Only downside is it focuses slowly as would be expected for a macro. I don't use it now as it's on permanent loan to my daughter-in-law. For me, the 85mm is a good focal length to get candids of my family and not have to get too close. I also like a bigger gap between FL, so I have a 35, 85 and 135.

Bottom line, I don't think I'll let go of my 100 macro (purchased when I went FF). Either way you go, I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you enjoy shooting macro and only want one lens, the 60mm would be my choice.

Gear: Canon 1Ds MkII, 35L, 85L, 135L, 24-105L

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Aug 18, 2009 20:20 |  #3

i'm in the same boat as you so i'm curious what people recommend.

Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 30mm/1.4

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Aug 18, 2009 20:26 |  #4

I'd go with the 85 if you're already planning to get the 30.

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Location: indianapolis,in
Aug 18, 2009 20:30 |  #5

Shooter Mgavin,I forgot all about that.Freakin Hysterical!!!!!

eos 40d gripped,75-300mm/35-80mm/50mm1.8/28-105mm:cool::cool::cool:

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Location: Southern California
Aug 18, 2009 21:05 as a reply to  @ THIEF's post |  #6

I had the 60 Macro, have the 30 SIGMA and the 85. Just sold the 60 Macro to help fund the 17-55 I just got. It was a tough decision, I'm still not sure I made the right one. And to be honest, I'm already thinking of getting the 60 Macro back down the road. I had to stop and think about it again ... yah, I can't say which one is better, you win either way.

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Aug 18, 2009 21:13 |  #7

There's also the 100/2 which is nearly the 85/1.8's twin. I've heard very good things about the 100/2, that it has nearly identical rendering as the 135L (though not as punchy). Though, if the 85mm is already feeling too long for you, the 100mm probably wouldn't fit your needs.

As someone who has only really played with the 50mm focal length, I think the 60mm would be awesome to have. Due to the crop sensor, you'll be able to get tighter headshots with it and not worrying about minimum focus distance is definitely great. One of the things that annoys me about the 50/1.4 is the longer MFD, though, it wasn't intended for 1:1 or even 1:2 macro work so that's just me jonesing for a Macro lens :)

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Joined Mar 2005
Aug 18, 2009 22:54 |  #8

There is the Tamron 60mm f2 macro worth a look.

156 posts
Joined Jul 2009
Location: Texas
Aug 19, 2009 00:03 |  #9

I have the 60mm macro prime, lovin it.

Rebel XSi (450D) | 18-55mm IS Canon| 60mm USM EF-S macro | 55-250 IS Canon | Canon Speedlite 420EX | ProOptics Extension Tubes | Opteka Fisheye | Lumiquest Softbox

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Location: Denver, CO
Aug 19, 2009 02:09 |  #10

I have the canon 28 1.8 (highly recommend you looking into it) and the 85. I also have a 50 and i say if you are only going to get two go with the 85. 30(or 28 ;)) and 60 is just to close together if those are your only two lenses. The 30 is good for indoors while the 85 is great for outdoors

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Aug 19, 2009 04:18 |  #11

The 60mm 2.8 is a very sharp lens! For portraits I often use the 60mm indoors and for outdoors, I have the 100mm 2.0. However, I've taken some excellent portraits indoors with the 100mm as well. Certainly the 85mm can be used indoors too.

These are all great lenses. You can't lose!

Senior Member
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Joined May 2007
Location: North Carolina
Aug 19, 2009 06:35 |  #12

If you plan to shoot any indoor sports, the 85, otherwise, if 2.8 is ok, then the 60.

Canon 7D, 40D, 300f2.8L, 70-200f2.8L IS, Sigma 30f1.4, 60EF-S 2.8 Macro, 15-85EF-S , Sigma 10-20, A couple of flashes, strobes and stuff.

Cream of the Crop
10,247 posts
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Joined Feb 2008
Location: Philly 'burbs
Aug 19, 2009 06:48 as a reply to  @ packpe89's post |  #13

For a long time, almost all of my shooting* was done with the 30/85 combo (on two bodies...) I've since purchased the 24-70L just to make it easier on me with having one body, but the 30/85 was quite the potent imaging combo!

*except when I need to go W-I-D-E (Sigma 10-20) or Loooooooooooooong (70-200 or 100-400)

Supa ­ Lao
Senior Member
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Joined Feb 2008
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
Aug 19, 2009 07:23 |  #14

I just bought the 60 macro yesterday (waiting on delivery). I have the sigma 30 and that lens basically lives on my camera for indoor. I also have the 85mm, but I use that lens for outdoor since my house is small. I used to have the canon 50 f1.4 but sold that right before I bought the 60mm. If I were to only have 2 lenses. I'd go w/ the sigma 30 and the canon 85. I rarely used my canon 50 after I got my sigma 30.

I decided to purchase the 60 macro b/c I wanted to try shooting macro.

D700 | Tamron 28-75 | Sigma 50 f/1.4 | SB-600

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Location: Toronto. CA - Bedford. UK
Aug 19, 2009 08:23 |  #15

I have the 30 sigma, 85 1.8 and the 60 macro but I also have the 50 1.4

The 60 is so sharp and is good for portraits but I find I use the 85 more for portraits. Another nice option if you feel the 85 is too long is the 50

But I find the 85 works indoors for me I can stay further back from the subjects and get the candids I like without anyone knowing.

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some prime choices
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