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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
Thread started 19 Oct 2009 (Monday) 21:31
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Fashion Show with Profoto D1 Air Monolights

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Oct 19, 2009 21:31 |  #1

So I was invited to setup a mock photo shoot at the side of a stage of a fashion and hair show. The idea was the models would strut down then walk over to my set and we'd do a little live shoot in front of an audience of salon owners and fashion designers. The show featured workshops that highlighted the differences between designing hair for editorial and hair for real life.

This had the potential to be a great opportunity to get my name out to a lot of people in the industry. And boy did it work. I even ran out of my Moo business cards (which always get compliments - I highly recommend them).

This also was a great opportunity to test a set of Profoto D1 Air monolights. These bad boys are slick (or sick depending your age) and make my White Lightnings look destined for the POTN Classifieds. My mini review is the D1 lights are flawless in operation and exactly the wireless setup I have been looking for.

The original plan was to have my Eye-Fi SD card stream the photos to a projector live during the show, but that fell through when the event organizers failed to secure a projector (not my fault). Had that happened I would have had complete wireless control of lighting and wireless streaming of the photos. Sick!

Anyway, here are some highlights. The complete set of photos of all 8 models can be seen at the link at the bottom of the page. Some models were better than others. And some models I only had a few minutes with. So, results vary. Feel free to critique the lighting and post work (color manipulation in Adobe Camera Raw only). I tried to go for a different look for each model.

The Vespa we borrowed from a Vespa dealership that was right next door to the venue. I thought it would be cooler than just using a modeling stool.

Higher res: …smith/402725218​9/sizes/o/ (external link)

Higher res: …smith/402725765​7/sizes/o/ (external link)
Higher res: …smith/402725846​7/sizes/o/ (external link)
Higher res: …smith/402725640​5/sizes/o/ (external link)
Higher res: …smith/402725396​1/sizes/o/ (external link)
Higher res: …smith/402801863​2/sizes/o/ (external link)
Our modest set. Profoto shooting through umbrella to the left, Profoto behind right as a rim light, a White Lightning behind the model and almost on the ground shooting right into the camera to add a little randomness to the photos, the reflector is being used as a bounce and also as a flag to keep that rim light out of my lens (I don't have a modifier yet for it). Profotos and backdrop supported by Matthew's C-Stands. These are +1,000,000 times better than regular light stands.

Full set:
http://gallery.teddysm​​services_hair_show (external link)
Sorry, I know the photos here are heavily watermarked. I'm doing a little test to see if any of the models purchase their pictures from my site. Will report back on the results of that test in a few days.

Teddy Smith, SOC
IATSE Local 600 Cinematographer (external link)

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Oct 20, 2009 01:41 |  #2

can you elaborate a bit more in detail as to what difference you see between those and the white lightnings? Is it a build quality, consistency, temp, recycle?

http://www.garibaldiph​ (external link)
I love the images I get from my camera phone

Clay ­ Kerri
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Oct 20, 2009 01:45 as a reply to  @ Imagineering's post |  #3

I like the images. good use of some high key work at the end.

the first three could use a little more contrast i think.

very interesting set and even better material to read. any more info about the lights youd like to elaborate on?

Comments for Comments. It's the way I roll.
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Gimmie Some Lovin
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Oct 20, 2009 10:06 as a reply to  @ Clay Kerri's post |  #4

Nailed the eyes in these Teddy! Great write up and explanation.
1 and 5 for me really stand out.

you're a great friend, but if Zombies chase us, I am tripping you.

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Fashion Show with Profoto D1 Air Monolights
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