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Thread started 17 Dec 2009 (Thursday) 22:46
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JUST found out my wife is pregnant! How do I spin this?

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Jan 05, 2010 21:56 |  #76

crowflyawa wrote in post #9331077 (external link)
Use a GOOD polarizer for the Water birth situation. A Good Polarizer can cost $180 depending on diameter and retail store mark up. Hoya B&W will be the better ones for price and performance.

I happen to have an unused B+W 58mm that I've been trying to sell :D

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Jan 05, 2010 22:28 |  #77

Unless the lens comes out a Nikkor, what spin do you need? If it comes out Canon L, you know she didn't cheat. :)

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Jan 06, 2010 08:23 |  #78

TheHoff wrote in post #9222235 (external link)
Ummmmm.... No. You are entirely wrong.

The doctors and nurses are in charge of that room and if they don't want you taking photos (or they think you are interfering with their ability to provide proper care to the patient), they will have you removed from the room. My wife is a labour/delivery nurse and she has kicked out plenty of family from the room. I don't think she has had to do a husband but I'm sure she would and could.

Legally classified as your domicile for that time? hhahahahaha you're not renting a hotel room, your wife is having a medical procedure. Most times, the medical staff are OK with photos of them if you ask first but some hospitals tell them not to be in photos while procedures are being done for insurance and liability reasons. For most births, my wife is in a ton of photos as she gives her permission.

ex is an RN ;)


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JUST found out my wife is pregnant! How do I spin this?
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