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Thread started 13 Mar 2010 (Saturday) 16:05
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My quest for a fun second lens.....

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Mar 13, 2010 16:05 |  #1

Hi everyone, I'm new here and recently bought a 7D which I am LOVING so far. I bought a 10-22 with the body because I wanted a fun lens to use, and so far it's been great. But, there is a dilemma.....I already want another lens! So I've pretty much narrowed it down to a couple of lenses. Before I list them let me say that I know none of them can really be compared as lenses for the same job as they are fairly different in their design, but I picked each of these lenses as I could see myself having fun taking photos with all of them. Here are the lenses that I'm giving myself the choice to pick from....

70-200 f/4 (it would be silly not to consider this lens at the price it goes for)
24-105 f/4
100 f/2.8 macro
135 f/2

Like I said, I know these lenses can't really be compared to one another as the focal lengths are kind of all over the place, but I was hoping that you guys might be able to shed some light on what I might be happiest with regardless of the focal length abilities. For some reason I've got a serious hankering for one of those prime lenses, but my wallet is telling me to buy the 70-200 or the 24-105 as they are the most versatile relative to the cost. The IS on the 24-105 seems like it could be very useful, but I was thinking that the large apertures on the 135 and the 100 might negate the need for that. Any help or input is appreciated, and thanks for reading my whole schpeel!

D700+Voigtlander 40mm+Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 ai-s

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Tomi ­ Hawk
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Mar 13, 2010 16:14 |  #2

You list the 24-105, but I like (for myself) the 28-105 (Japanese version) as they made like atlest 3 or 4 different versions of this lens. It has macro ability as well .. maybe not like a true macro, nonetheless, a really sharp, clean, and beautiful lens for the price. They can sometimes be a lil difficult to find.

They're not all that expensive either, and maybe later on down the road, a nice prime or the 70-200 .. But just from my own experiance, I really love that lil 28-105 .. just make sure you get the right version.

happy with myself for not saying anything stupid
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Mar 13, 2010 16:16 |  #3

when i think of a fun lens...i usually go towards a macro before even clicking this thread i was going to recommend one

that being said...seeing as how you only have the 10-22mm with your 7D...if i were you, i'd go for the 24-105mm for more of a general purpose type of's still fun to take pictures...

or...for about the cost of the 24-105mm you could easily pick up a 100mm macro, and a 28-135mm, and a flash...that would give you the fun, the general purpose...and a much needed flash

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Mar 13, 2010 16:19 |  #4

24-105 f/4 IS.

And when you start jonesin' for another accessory, get a 580exII flash. That should keep you occupied for a little while... ;)

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Mar 13, 2010 16:27 as a reply to  @ Austin.Manny's post |  #5

Based on your list the 24-105L f/4 IS but I like the 24-70L f/2.8 that I have very much.

5DII, 5Dc, 24-70L, 35L, 70-200L IS mkII and some lighting gear

my very own Lightrules moment
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Mar 13, 2010 19:03 as a reply to  @ gsspirit's post |  #6

For fun, I'd go with the 100mm macro and a 580EX II. I love my macro, but I'm looking to pick up a flash to go with it now.

- Eric S.: My Birds/Wildlife (external link) (7D MkII/5D IV, Canon 10-22 f/3.5-4.5, Canon 24-105L f/4 IS, Canon 70-200L f/2.8 IS MkII, Canon 100-400L f/4.5-5.6 IS I/II)
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Cream of the Crop
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Location: Canada
Mar 13, 2010 19:30 |  #7

I could not have fun NOT having a "standard" zoom of some sort, so my vote would be the 24-105 given the choices...

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Cream of the Crop
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Location: California
Mar 13, 2010 19:42 |  #8

With the choices you provided, I would definitely go with the 24-105 and I would buy it from someone who is selling it from a 5D MII kit. (brand new and you will save money)

The 24-105 will cover the everyday focal length.


My Gear List

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Mar 13, 2010 19:58 |  #9

My fun lenses are a 35L or the 85L.

24-105 is very normal. 135L is a nice lens. The 100 macro could be fun if you like macro stuff

4,512 posts
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Mar 13, 2010 20:12 |  #10

The "best" lens of the ones you listed as far as image quality (in my opinion) would be the 135mm 2.0. The most "fun" lens would be the 100mm 2.8 macro. The most "versatile" of the bunch are the zooms.

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My quest for a fun second lens.....
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