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Thread started 26 Mar 2010 (Friday) 20:54
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Who can POSSIBLY drop a lens?

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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mar 28, 2010 04:53 |  #31

I dropped a lens once. It was a 50 1.8 so I wasn't too shaken. I have it on video somewhere because I was backpacking at the time. Luckily it was the last day of the vacation so I didn't have to buy one with expensive euros.


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Mostly Lurking
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Location: Ireland
Mar 28, 2010 05:36 |  #32

Chris11 wrote in post #9878975 (external link)
I've read the few sad tales on here about people dropping their lenses and wondered if it would ever happen to me.

Well now I know what it's like because it has.

We went away overnight to our daughter's house a few hundred miles away so I put all my gear in my camera backpack. Coming home we stopped to take some pics and I had to change lenses so I opened the bag, switched, and DIDN'T JIP THE BAG BACK UP. Once home I grabbed the bag, dragged it out of the flat back area ( Prius ) in our cement floored garage and clunk. My favorite lens, 70-200 2.8 IS fell onto the floor.

I guess the Gods were smiling on me as when it fell ( I watched it ) it landed on the plastic lens cover on the mount end. All seems well with it though. It focuses as it did before, and the IS still appears to work correctly. In fact I can't even see a mark on the plastic cover.

Hopefully this has been a cheap lesson to me to be more careful.

Oh my god...I have had nightmares about this happening to me ( I have the same lens and it cost me a bag of loot here in Ireland ( about $2600). I too use a back-pack and its so easy to just forget to zip it closed, especially if you do a lens change in your car.

Its so simple to get caught up in the moment and forget. I think sadly its a lesson perhaps that will only be learnt if it happens to "you". I had a close escape recently with my camera strap just sitting on my shoulder ( 70-200 attached and you know how heavy that thing can be after a couple of hours rambling) I bumped into a person and the strap slipped off my shoulder, yes I had a habit of always holding the lens, but at times I would not hold it...result...ehhh dont wanna go there

Simple solution for me was to purchase the Blackrapid strap.

AND to check my bag zips at every visit to a lens change, hard to discipline, but so necessary as a bust lens and especially a 70-200/2.8 IS !!! dont go there:oops:

40D---70/200 USM/IS f2.8---12/24 f/4 Tokina---50mm/f1.4--Sekonic/L358---580EZ/2---Interfit various studio modeling lights.

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Mar 28, 2010 14:34 |  #33

Last week I almost dropped not just a lens, but also the camera attached to it... At least, my reflexes are still very good so I caught it on time... XD

Anyway... I don't recomend this as a reflex test... you may end up with a heart attack... XD

azpix wrote in post #9878990 (external link)
note to self, don't buy a 70-200 2.8 from chris11.

Glad to hear all appears ok.


pinoyplaya wrote in post #9880281 (external link)
Ive always been paranoid about dropping my gear... worst, forgetting it! You know when your taking photos and you decide to switch lenses or what not, open your bag and your mind is soo preoccupied about getting the best shot, you stay there for a while and when its time to move on and move to a different location, you get paranoid and think every 30 seconds whether you left something at your previous location.

Well... I know one guy who once lost a Concert Harp!!! He has also chased a police car once but that's another story...

Anyway... after this, I think forgetting anything may be eventually forgiveable...

NEVER going to drink again...
Finally got my first L lens...
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Mar 28, 2010 14:44 |  #34

A couple years ago I bought a nice L lens and while I was taking it out of the plastic bag it comes in it slipped out and fell to the floor. I about crapped my pants although it was only a foot drop to a carpet floor

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Mar 28, 2010 15:37 |  #35

highflyer_gfs wrote in post #9887715 (external link)
At least, my reflexes are still very good so I caught it on time... XD

You must be a good cricketer :) I have never dropped anything in my life or done anything that is even close.

I know more about gear than I know about photography :p
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Mar 28, 2010 23:31 |  #36

no lens - knock on wood - had the whole lighting rig go down (umbrella, stand, 580EXII), just scratches on the 580...

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Location: Korea
Mar 28, 2010 23:33 |  #37

I once dropped my 80-200 f/2.8L from about waist height onto concrete. The UV filter exploded and scared me half to death thinking it my was front element. Other than that you would never be able to tell.

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Mar 29, 2010 11:03 |  #38

This is a very good thread to bookmark and check before buying any lens from the market place. I guess dropping a lens is a lot more common then I would have thought.

Glad things did not break for most folks posting here.

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Mar 29, 2010 11:16 |  #39

I haven't dropped a lens but a friend of mine went in my car to get my camera bag for me/us and didn't see that it was unzipped. Its a lowepro backpack style and he picked it up by the arm strap and of course the whole back flapped down and everything managed to stay in except for my 50mm f/1.8 II, which at the time (college) was annoyingly expensive to replace for me. It no longer AF's and its obviously broken because the focus ring doesn't move fluidly. Oh well - now I keep it around to take pictures of.

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Location: CHiCAGO
Mar 29, 2010 12:38 |  #40

lowepro flipside300 will prevent your equipment from falling out and kissing the floor (in most cases) due to the design of the bag. The zipper is on the backside and even if you sling it over one shoulder, it should still be in good shape.
Brillant if you ask me and with the waist strap, it allows you to switch and go easier than any other camera bag.

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Mike ­ Deep
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Mar 29, 2010 13:46 |  #41

Only lens I've ever dropped was the 50/1.8 II. It promptly rolled into the pool. In retrospect, it deserved what it got. (external link) - rocket launch photography

TaDa cool as Perry
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Mar 29, 2010 14:54 |  #42

That's nothing. Think about owning the rental company that had his 600L go for a swim in an alligator swamp. …ght=canon+600mm​+alligator


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Sliced Bread
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Mar 29, 2010 15:34 |  #43

I have droppped a couple of lenses from around waist high, no damage. One one a bus and one into gravel. Scary though.

They were both "L"s

Canon G1X II, 1D MKIV, 5DSR, 5DIV, 5D MKII, 16-35/2.8L II, 24-70/2.8L II, 70-200/2.8L IS II, IS, 100-400/4.5-5.6 L IS II, 500/4 L IS II, 24-105/4 IS, 50/2.5 macro, 1.4x MKII, 1.4X MKIII, 2X MKIII,580EX II, 550EXs(2), ST-E2.
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Mar 29, 2010 16:52 |  #44

When i first read the title I though you were asking for a free lens.
and then my sorrow went out for you because I have a similar story.

I was at school and some douche bag kids think its always funny to unzip backpacks of the people in front of them. They unzip my camera backpack and when i hop down the stairs...


There went my 18-55mm lens.
Luckily, the gods were too on my side and only the UV cover broke. Since then, I put a UV or clear on all my lenses and all times.

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Mar 29, 2010 17:03 |  #45

So far the only lens I have dropped is my 17-55mm kit lens - from a car seat height down onto concrete. To my woe the thing still works (well as far as I can tell) to this day and I still don't have enough excuse to replace it and get a better sub 70mm lens for my bag.

My other worry is macro - if I ever setup a macro shot I have all sorts of things all over the place - not just a nightmare in the UK with getting mud on stuff, but its also one of those "Hey did I remember to put that "XXX" back in the bag" As I am normally about half way back from a shooting location.

Thus far all I have lost to that is a lenscap of my binoculars (it's somewhere in some woodland)

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Who can POSSIBLY drop a lens?
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