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Thread started 27 Mar 2010 (Saturday) 17:29
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Peli 1510 users - a question

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Mar 27, 2010 17:29 |  #1

How many people actually use it as their main case when they get to their destination?

I have the 1510 with the padded dividers. It's great for getting stuff from A to B but I always end up having to carry another bag to use when I get to where I'm going. (Usually a Flipside 300 which fits nicely in place of the dividers, albeit with a drop in capacity).

From the pics I've seen on this site, it appears that most people who get a 1510 opt for the padded dividers, but I'm curious as to how many travel with the case in this way.

flickr (external link)

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Mar 27, 2010 17:49 |  #2

I don't travel with a Pelican, but I do travel with a Think Tank Airport International roller bag. Since I know I am not going to walk around sightseeing pulling a roller bag around behind me, I configure the bag a little differently than normal.

I usually only want to walk around with at most 2 or 3 lenses at any one time, but I usually want to take 5 or 6 to cover anything I might encounter. I configure the dividers in the roller with a large empty space which holds my walk-around shoulder bag pre-loaded with the camera mounted to a lens, and a couple of other lenses. Then the rest of the roller bag has dividers for the remaining 2 or 3 lenses, flashes, chargers, card readers, P&S camera, GPS, cables, cleaning supplies, filters, computer, etc.

Once I am at my destination, the roller stays in my room or car trunk and I remove the shoulder bag and load it with the exact lenses I think I will be using for any given outing. This is also handy if I am asked to "gate check" my roller at the door of the plane in the event of a full flight. I can remove my camera bag and computer, lock the bag with the remaining stuff, and not worry quite so much about the gear flying down below.

I would imagine the same process would work with a pelican, although you could probably "gate check" that without removing any of your gear and not have to worry so much how it is handled.


Cream of the Crop
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Mar 27, 2010 21:01 |  #3

I don't use my 1510 unless I have a ton of gear to take with me. I have an International roller as well. That one is the first thing I grab for flying. There is no taking the hard case, it's too small to take everything and if I need less, I just take a shoulder bag. This is a dilemma.

Suzie - Still Speaking Canonese!
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My children are the reason, but it's the passion that drives me to get the perfect image of everything.

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Mar 27, 2010 21:56 as a reply to  @ SuzyView's post |  #4

I always unload the Pelicans into soft bags to actually shoot pictures. although I've seen people use them. Usually they are ones who have flown a long way to here and didn't have room to bring soft bags.

Mark H

Too Much Camera Stuff......

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Apr 02, 2010 15:29 |  #5

Hi Scott,

You're right there. The Peli 1510 is a wonderful size as a kit transporter for aircraft hand-lugguage - I use the Foam-Inserts and not the padded-dividers

However, the limited dimensions restrict the amount of gear you can actually carry.
I bought mine in Birmingham - UK at the In-Focus exhibition at a reduced price, knowing that I would be using an additional kit bag - specificallly the KATA DR467 backpack.

As I now travel alot I have since decided to break up my kit into 2 types for convenience:
a.) STUDIO-only: Full-Frame - 5D, 1 x 580ex II, 17-40mm L, 50mm 1.2L & 85mm 1.2L II
b.) TRAVEL-only: Half-Frame - 40D, 1 x 580ex II, EF-s 10-22mm 100mm 2.8 Macro & the 28-135mm IS USM lenses. An MT24 macro-flash, 2 x cable-releases, 1 x AA battery charger with Car Charger adapter, SAN disk card reader, Canon USB & Video cables & CF cards x 12 all fit into the Peli 1510.

A Joby & Velbon tripods, 2 x Pkt Wzrd TT5's, Cokin filter holder with x3 filters, Canon Battery charger, a host of cables, adapters and 'what-nots' are packed securely away with my Laptop into the KATA bag. This KATA bag is then packed into my main suitcase (which is quite large) and is transported as 'checked-in' lugguage.

I have taken the decision beforehand to leave my STUDIO gear precisely there at home. This kit is far too heavy to lug around and far too expensive to replace. As for the 'TRAVEL' kit, the KATA bag was bought back in 2007 and is unable to carry my newly acquired capacity. The recently purchased Peli is a similar size to this KATA bag, as the Peli is tough and durable and 'flight-ready' I am happy to lug both bags. For the actual shoots, I take a no-nonsense (and regrettable) approach - '... take what I will defo' use ...' leave the rest and make-do without! - Always so difficult and in Suzy's words "... A real dilemma ...!"

"... with a clear perspective - the confusion is clearer ..."
Body: Canon 5D-IV
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Flashguns: 580ex II x 4, MT24 macro flash
Accessories: Pkt Wiz TT5 x 4, AC3, MiniTT1, Sekonic L-758DR
Studio Lights: <... pending ...>

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Peli 1510 users - a question
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