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Thread started 05 Apr 2010 (Monday) 12:25
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Benro C-269 w B-1, or A-269 w Photo Clam PC-30N?

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Apr 05, 2010 12:25 |  #1

After reading nearly every Benro Travel Angel thread on this site I think it's going to be the first tripod I'll ever buy. I'd also like it to be the last.

It's not going to get a lot of use, just some very occasional product studio work and some urban nighttime stuff, mostly just for my own enjoyment. I know many members have more than one tripod, but that's just not an option for me, so I need to find a good all-rounder. And because I'm a cyclist, portability is probably more important than that last bit of stability...

But not being much of a tripod user I'm wondering whether for a similar amount of money I'd likely prefer:
1) the carbon version of the 269 with the standard B-1 head, or
2) the aluminum version and a Photo Clam head (most likely the PC-30N which is available quite cheaply in Australia, or perhaps the PC-33NS).Obviously the sums don't quite add up, but if I can sell the B-1 for more than half what it retails for then I'd be getting into the right ballpark.

I've played instore with some Manfrotto ball heads - ranging from the tiny 484 to the meaty 468 - but not with a camera attached (because at my local store the QR plates are strapped to the heads, and I don't feel comfortable asking the store to remove them given I have no intention of purchasing).

They're all much nicer than the cheap three-way heads I've been given, and a friend's Manfrotto 804 on some 190 legs that I've used. So I'm convinced a ballhead is the way to go. But I keep reading how much nicer the RRS, Markins, Kirk, Acra-Swiss (and possibly the cheaper Photo Clams) are, and I'm wondering whether I'd notice and/or care.

So given the weight difference between the aluminum and carbon legs isn't that great, do you think I should spend more on a head and less on the legs?

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Apr 05, 2010 15:19 |  #2

How much is all that going to cost? I havent heard great things bout the Benro heads. I was going to go with the Benro travel angel but could'nt find it with legs only.

I ended up with the Feisol travel tripod and that head, both from Kerry. From my limited use of it, I'm very impressed, and of course I have no idea what i'm doing so maybe that opinion is worthless but I'm very happy with the purchase!

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Apr 05, 2010 16:05 |  #3

I really, really enjoy my photo clam head. The Feisol legs are pretty amazing as well. Very sturdy, well built, light at a good price.

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Apr 05, 2010 19:40 |  #4

I also really enjoy the Photo-Clam ballheads (despite their odd name) I have two of them now. I also wound up purchasing a Feisol carbon tripod vs the Benro because of how many issues of quality I found posted all over the internet.

Go to www.reallybigcameras.c​om (external link) and talk to Kerry, he can definitely get you all set up with any of their products as he's exceptionally knowledgeable!

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Apr 05, 2010 21:19 |  #5

Photoclam's ball head is way better than Benro original's. I got both with me now, never looked back.

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Benro C-269 w B-1, or A-269 w Photo Clam PC-30N?
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