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Thread started 09 Apr 2010 (Friday) 21:09
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wich of the XXD's would you buy used?

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Apr 09, 2010 21:09 |  #1

A friends wife is ready to move up from her first camera, a nikon something or other with an 18-200 lens on board. My friend says she gets the whole Aperture/ISO/shutter speed thing, and what I have seen of her work is pretty good, some is very good. She definitely wants to get a canon, so she has some taste in equipment too.My friend wants me to recommend a canon he can buy her used.
My problem is lack of knowledge of the XXD series. I had Nikon F's I could borrow fron coworkers and pro's back in the eighties when I worked in a lab, but never could afford good gear and dropped photography when I graduated and started my REAL career.
Twenty five years later and I buy an XTi, quickly sold and followed by a 5D and then a 10D as a backup.
So I never really progressed through the 20D to 50D series and I am asking: Which one is generally considered to be the best combination of decent features and good price used?
My 10D is too limited and slow at startup for me to recommend, although I like it for alot of things, especially price used.
I see a fair number of 20D owners here, there must be reasons it is a keeper.
I know pros that carry a 30D as a backup.
The 40D was hyped before it came out, but I don't know anyone that owns one.
The 50D is going to be a fairly expensive camera fortheir budget, even used.
So wich one should I recommend and why? Thanks!

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Apr 09, 2010 21:21 |  #2

30D, 40D, or 50D. Can't really go wrong with any of them.
MY favorite has been the 50D between the 3, although I do still have my 30D along with my 50D and 1Dmk2.

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Apr 09, 2010 21:32 as a reply to  @ ImRaptor's post |  #3

Take your pick depending on budget.. 20D, 30D and 40D are all great cameras and well priced on the second hand market.. The 50D can be a camera that will frustrate you if you haven't set it up properly but takes gob smacking stunning images..

I'm on my second 20D since 2005,,I believe it's one camera Canon got right from the word go.. Very little goes wrong with them.. But if I was in your shoes I'd look at a 30D,,very similar to the 20D but with a few nice tweeks..

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Apr 09, 2010 21:41 |  #4
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I bought a 40D new, recently bought a 30D locally for 300 US, and just lately bought a nice second 40D for 500 US. The 40D has a MUCH improved viewfinder, a nice big LCD, and magnified live view which makes manual focusing a breeze if it's a situation where you can utilize it.

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Apr 09, 2010 21:42 as a reply to  @ yogestee's post |  #5

I like the 40D myself. I have found 10MP to be a good resolution, because it allows some cropping but does not require a lot of processing power if you're on a budget and don't have the fastest computer. It also has live view, which I actually have found quite handy for macro, weird angles, etc. I also prefer the newer menu system.

If I was starting again though, I might pick up a 50D instead since I like using Sigma lenses and MA would be great.

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Apr 10, 2010 09:58 as a reply to  @ KayakPhotos's post |  #6

I would go 50D. The microfocus adjust feature allows you to easily use many lenses without having to send back for adjustment.

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Apr 10, 2010 10:20 |  #7

Best bang for the buck BY FAR right now in the 30D. You get 85-90% of the features of the 40/50D and you get it for sometimes under 400 bones. Canon wants you to think that you need the added features of the newer models - larger screens, live view, micro adjust, etc... - but in reality and for most shooting situations you may not. I know I don't.

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Apr 10, 2010 10:26 |  #8

bauerman wrote in post #9969048 (external link)
.... Canon wants you to think that you need the added features of the newer models - larger screens, live view, micro adjust, etc... - but in reality and for most shooting situations you may not. I know I don't.

You sort of had me until you put MFA in the list. MFA by far has had the greatest impact to those of us that demand perfection. The ability to get a body and lens in complete perfect unison is worth every cent of an upgrade. The difference in shots, especially with long lenses, is so obvious and trhe feature so simple that I don't understand why Canon has not rolled it out to all cameras.

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Apr 10, 2010 10:34 |  #9

I agree that the 30D is probably the best bang for the buck at this moment. The 20D is only slightly lower priced on average at this moment and the screen is relatively much larger on the 30D and it has spot metering.

But the 20D can still kick out some sweet IQ and I would be happy to pick one up at the right price and use it still. All about the deal you come across and your budget.

I use my 30D as often as my 50D and any difference in the end result is negligible (just as was the difference between 20D & 30D when i had them together)

Having a larger screen is nice for review/chimping of course... I have not needed to use Micro Adjust yet... and I never use live view... so... there is some thoughts for you to apply to your needs/desires. Hope it helps.

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Apr 10, 2010 21:52 |  #10

40D is my vote, excellent bang for the buck these days. MFA isn't really needed with the older bodies.

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Apr 10, 2010 22:03 as a reply to  @ hpulley's post |  #11

30D, no real doubt about it. Going for song used, was my workhorse for over 3 years before I got a 1D IIN and I still prefer it for certain situations.

Spot metering is the major upgrade over the 20 and the 40 has really only got Mpixels going for it, but I usually print 12x8's and they come out fine :)

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Apr 10, 2010 22:32 |  #12

40D only has megapixels going for it?

Over the 30D the 40D has 9 cross-type AF points, 14-bit images, better viewfinder and LCD (though not as good as the 50D's LCD), interchangable focus screens, live view (though it has no slow live AF mode), AF ON button, self cleaning sensor, partial weather sealing, 6.5 fps, 10MP, user C1/C2/C3 modes, auto ISO, etc. My older 1D Mark II lacks many of these features so I agree that all aren't necessary but some are nice to have for sure.

50D over 40D has 15 MP, more featured live view, micro focus adjust, 12800 ISO, more NR options in-camera, 920000 pixel LCD, HDMI output, flourine coated sensor, UDMA CF card support, etc.

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Apr 10, 2010 22:35 |  #13

40D, better lcd screen, improved menu system, in camera flash exposure compensation. A huge improvement over the 30D. I've had both.

Cream of the Crop
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Apr 10, 2010 22:41 |  #14

I have had the 20d, 30d, and 40D. All great cameras. The 20D and 30D essentially have the same IQ and are basically almost the same camera, except for the features mentioned (spot metering, larger LCD being the main ones). For the marginal price difference, the 30D is a better buy.
The 40D is nice and responsive, something I have noticed over the 20d,30D and former XTi. The larger LCD is nice (didn't think I'd really care about it, but it's nice) and live view can be useful as well. For $600 or less I think it's a great value.

30D or 40d, take your pick.. i say they are tied for best value.

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Apr 10, 2010 22:48 |  #15

deci wrote in post #9971595 (external link)
the 40 has really only got Mpixels going for it, but I usually print 12x8's and they come out fine

40D only has Mega Pixels over the 30D? I guess you have never used a 40D........

The 40D is the best value because it has lots of useful features lacking in the 30D or 20D:

- better AF system (all cross type sensors)
- larger, brighter viewfinder
- Large 3" LCD
- Weatherproof battery door and storage compartment
- 14 Bit Digic III
- sRaw option
- ISO display in viewfinder
- faster and quieter, shutter and mirror
- self cleaning sensor
- Live View
- 6.5 FPS
- Larger Buffer
- rear AF On button
- better menu system
- weather seal hotshoe for 580EX II

Did I miss anything?

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wich of the XXD's would you buy used?
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