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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Weddings & Other Family Events Talk 
Thread started 07 Jun 2010 (Monday) 01:44
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Equipment carry setup for weddings

Senior Member
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Location: SoCal
Jun 07, 2010 01:44 |  #1

I'll be shooting my first weddings this year, but I am not sure how to move all my equipment with me. I'll have two bodies (soon), 24-70, 70-200, 17-40, 85, 50, 2 flashes. I can see keeping both bodies on me at all times with the 24-70 + 70-200 with the flashes mounted depending on the avail light and venue. I have a domke f-2, but I have a feeling I won't be able to carry all three (will probably have an assistant carrying the bag for me).

Anyhow, I wanted to know how you guys moved around and how the equipment runs with you.


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Light Bringer
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Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Jun 07, 2010 06:25 |  #2

No problem. I have two bags that I pack three or four bodies and 4-6 lenses into, one large one small, but once i'm there the large bag is plenty since i'm carrying a lot of it. My assistant manages gear for me, checks everything off at the end of the night, very handy.

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Location: NJ
Jun 07, 2010 06:50 |  #3

I like having lenses already mounted on three bodies. That, and I bring a lot of gear (probably more than I need) to every wedding so whatever I use, I need it to be deep; deeper than most conventional bags or backpacks. I used to use a large (suitcase sized) backpack from Amvona (long since discontinued) and an ApeCase 1400. I recently replaced those two bags and dropped the $'s on a Pelican 1624 and LOVE it. Not only does everything fit, I've already got the space for a fourth body w/lens mounted already planned out. Wheels and a long handle, super durable, easy to get gear in and out; there's a lot to like. Only down side is I guess this to weigh 60+ lbs. That and I wish there was a way to mount a tripod/umbrella holder (though my umbrella actually fits inside).

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Jun 07, 2010 08:16 |  #4

Depends on personal preferences, but I find roller case allow me to carry more, and have things ready like Robert above.

"inadequately equipped"
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Location: Henderson, NV
Jun 07, 2010 08:56 |  #5

I still use a backpack and a basic carrying bag that will carry 3-4 lenses or 2 cameras with lenses attached. I am not efficient with my carrying, but I get the job done.

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Christian ­ Keenan
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Joined Jun 2010
Location: London and Jersey
Jun 07, 2010 09:23 as a reply to  @ form's post |  #6

I use a Think Tank International (external link) for carting all of my gear and then a Boda Bag (external link) for three lenses/cards/batteries etc

For your extra info, I love my Think Tank bag and my Boda Bag is pretty good (but I have the original, v2 looks pretty good.

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Man I Like to Fart
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Location: NYC
Jun 07, 2010 09:33 as a reply to  @ Christian Keenan's post |  #7

Rolling luggage to carry all of my gear from A to B and a LowePro Sling Shot 200AW to carry a subset of my gear while I am shooting.

Sometimes I will attach a lens pouch on my belt. One that will fit my biggest lens, which would be the 70-200VR II. This way I can swap out lenses and know my other lenses will fit in the pouch without a problem. I usually only need 3 lenses at a time (for instance, 24-70, 70-200, 85) so the rest stays with the rolling luggage.

The only problem with the lens pouch is it drags down my pants b/c it uses my belt. :lol::o

Senior Member
266 posts
Joined Jan 2010
Location: SoCal
Jun 07, 2010 13:11 |  #8

Hmm, I was thinking I could get a Domke F-1X since I like the Domke's but it seems like it would still get pretty packed with 2 bodies. I think I'll look into the Thinktanks...

I'm kissing arse
6,329 posts
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Joined Dec 2006
Location: Lebanon, OH
Jun 15, 2010 22:37 as a reply to  @ Gometang's post |  #9

I use a Think Tank International V2.0 to lug my camera gear around. I have a large black rolling duffel bag to carry lightstands, lights, cables and any other think I will need. I have the Think Tank modular system, but I doubt I will use it. I do, however, have a small pack I carry around w/ extra cards, batteries, cleaning cloths and other nick knacks. I am looking at a large Pelican case for moving lighting to and fro.

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ugly when I'm sober
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Location: Canterbury/Ramsgate, UK
Jun 16, 2010 04:26 |  #10

I use a lowepro stealth reporter D300 to carry my gear around with me on the day. It fits my spare lenses, spare flash, cards, batteries and other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

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Joined Jun 2010
Jun 16, 2010 07:11 |  #11

Wow, I'm with form on this one - simple has worked for me. Backpack (full) with gear is plenty for any shoot I have been on, though that does indeed mean that you won't have three lens-mounted bodies and three flashes and 5 additional lenses and...

Personal preference, I suppose.

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soft-hearted weenie-boy
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Location: Alberta, CANADA
Jun 16, 2010 08:37 |  #12

I used to use a Thinktank Security roller bag that my wife/assistant dragged around for me. She got pregnant and I didn't want her lifting heavy stuff, so I switched to wearing a backpack around. I've gotten used to it and I think I prefer it to the heavy bag. I still have the roller in my car and at each point in the day I swap out the gear I think I need and put it into the backpack. So really, the backpack and the roller have both worked well for me.

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Jun 22, 2010 13:21 |  #13

i used the ThinkTank International v2 for all my gears. I also use the Boda V3 during the day w/ the lense i will need. I also have the Lowepro D300 Stealth Reporter <-- this is mainly for storing OCF gear to be use during the day.

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Equipment carry setup for weddings
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