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Thread started 21 Jun 2010 (Monday) 20:06
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Which body to use for Oshkosh?

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Jun 21, 2010 20:06 |  #1

I am considering attending the huge 5-day fly-in at Oshkosh and considering a 600mm lens for loan to capture the aircraft in flight. The event dates I can attend are July 29th- August 2nd.

Is anyone here going?

I will be taking my 70-200L, 300/2.8L and a fisheye.

Would you recommend a full frame camera since most of the landscape there will be so spread out? I have been shooting with my 7D and love the 1DmkIV but considering both are a crop sensor... which 1DXX would you suggest for this event since I plan to get one from CPS Loan...?


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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 22, 2010 00:46 |  #2

I have been to Oshkosh may times in the past, but not to photograph.
I did do some motion picture stuff there many years ago.
Unless things have changed you need a pilot's license or similar to get on the flight line.
Outside the flight line most everything will be telephoto.
Getting close to the planes is difficult without proper access to the flight line.

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Location: Upper Midwest
Jun 22, 2010 12:48 |  #3

I won't be going to the fly-in, but I just want to rep Wisconsin. Go WI photogs! Good luck at EAA Tango; should be a great weekend and I hope you get some nice shots.

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Jun 24, 2010 12:11 as a reply to  @ truestorytravis's post |  #4

The access to the flight line has been opened up to anyone attending the show. I remember though, that when I started going, you needed to be an E.A.A. member or have some sort of pilot certification to get to the flight line.

I've only used crop body cameras, as far as DSLR's go, but I've had good success with both a 20D and 50D. The better focus of a 1 series camera, will be of benifit, with aircraft in flight.

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Jun 24, 2010 13:28 as a reply to  @ Mansland1's post |  #5

I've shot many airshows but never been to Oshkosh. I have both the 500 and 600 f/4 lenses and found that the 600 was a little too long for the larger aircraft and even some of the smaller ones at times. The 500 was ok but for both of these lenses you have to work on a tripod for optimum results. I also used my 300 f/2.8 with a 1.4tc and it worked great for hand holding and it was about the right focal length for most. I was always very close to the flight line and at one I had to move back as the only thing I took was the 500 and 600.

I mostly shot with a 1d series body but did have a 30D at one of them. The crop factor sensor does give you a little extra reach. I tried my 5D once and wasn't happy with that body for this type of work. In reality, any body will work as long as you know how to get the most out of it. I've even shot aircraft landing with my old 10D and got excellent results out of it.

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Jun 24, 2010 13:48 |  #6

600 seems a bit long. Most of the people we've seen at airshows were shooting with a 500. You also need to take proper support into consideration as well for a lens of that size. We personally prefer the full frame bodies and that could work very well with that big lens. (external link)

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Which body to use for Oshkosh?
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