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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Wildlife 
Thread started 22 Jul 2010 (Thursday) 21:02
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Elk in Yellowstone and Dumb Animals in YNP

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Jul 25, 2010 08:32 as a reply to  @ post 10599179 |  #31

Beautiful shots, Marcy, love the one with the Elk in the water. It amazes me how stupid people are, they get warned and still move in.


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Jul 25, 2010 19:04 as a reply to  @ post 10594271 |  #32

Let them try and get that close in October when they are in full Rut mode. Ouch. The bison in the video actually had what appears to be a water bottle or stick already stuck to his horn. when he threw his head back the object came off and hit him in the rump. Nobody threw anything. the lady with the camera that got too close tried to lay blame on some mysterious person who threw something. didn't happen. If you watch the video a couple of times you can see the object on his horn before it flew into the air. I saw a bison there last year totally destroy a 4" diameter tree because a bus honked his horn as he drove by. You never know what is going to light their fire. Best to keep a safe distance.

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Jul 25, 2010 19:10 |  #33

These are obviously uneducated people when it comes to wild life. Deer (and the like), if I'm not mistake, do more harm to humans than any other animal. Although much of that is in the form of running out into traffic, they are obviously animals that panic and just respond. You see those racks? That can KILL YOU! People are just stupid, plain and simple. I was in RMNP a couple months back and there were a few Moose in some wetlands right next to the road. There must have been 20 idiots right up against the curb (less than 15 feet away) taking pictures. I stood on the other side of the street with my Sigma 50-500 and just shot away....and I bet I was still closer than they were with their P&S cameras.

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Jul 25, 2010 19:46 |  #34

Marcy wrote in post #10586487 (external link)
Spent the day in Yellowstone - found some great Elk in the morning then some of the Dumbest animals in Yellowstone in the afternoon - hope you enjoy

And the afternoon was between W Yellowstone and Madison around 3:30-4ish. I was there, and was kinda annoyed at the ranger who showed up as well. He didn't really seem to take it all the seriously, just yelling at people to get back. I wish he'd fined at least one (preferably the parents who got their 3 young kids to pose within a couple of feet), so the large crowd saw it's not ok to be that close (which also means they will be out of my shot!).

I know from first hand experience*, the distance thing can happen accidently, but I think the fines for the obvious stufff would help a lot (and give the NPS some extra $$).

* = Lesson 1 - when staying in the park, and you are packing the car for the days trip - just because you checked before stepping outside their wasn't anything to eat/hurt you, doesn't mean when you've finished packing the car 5 mins later, that when you shut the car door, you wont suddenly notice a bull bison standing 6-7 yards away from said car door.

I've only just made it out of the park, and access to the internet etc. Haven't processed anything yet, but will probably do so over the next couple of days - but don't think I've got anything as nice as your shots (and didn't even think to take photos of the dumb animals)


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Elk in Yellowstone and Dumb Animals in YNP
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Wildlife 
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