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FORUMS Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Small Compact Digitals by Canon 
Thread started 03 Oct 2010 (Sunday) 12:48
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Camera for mom.

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Oct 03, 2010 12:48 |  #1

1. My mom doesn't like technology much.
2. Canon and Nikon are both alright.
3. She wants zoom.
4. Not very expensive. 300$ or so.

I'm going to compare all the suggestions and choose one. I'd appreciate any help!

Jan ­ Jasinski
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Oct 03, 2010 12:57 |  #2

-Olympus SP-800uz
-Nikon P100
-Fuji HS10
-Canon SX10/20/30 IS (if you can afford it)

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Gone, but not forgotten . . .
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Oct 03, 2010 14:26 as a reply to  @ Jan Jasinski's post |  #3

Cryforashadow - Those 4 cameras just mentioned are good, but "specific purpose" types.

The Olympus SP-800uz is light in weight, but doesn't have a Viewfinder. The modern trend in P&S is indeed to VF-less cameras, to be held out in front of the user, which can be a bit difficult to hold steady, particularly for mature-age people (including me, at 62.)

The Nikon P100 doesn't get very good reviews on IQ. It has 10fps to 6-images, at Continuous, doesn't do RAW. It has both LCD and VF.

The Fuji HS10 (I have one) - is capable of good (meaning good for P&S level) - images, with nice colour. It has had poor IQ reviews, but the latest (1.02) firmware has fixed that. For moving targets, it does Continuous 10-7-5-3fps. It has both Full and Std HD Video - also does slow-motion Video in several sizes. It has many external buttons so differs from the Menu-Fed cameras. The Zoom and MF are both "DSLR-style" on the barrel. It has very good Macro functions. However, this camera requires attention and frequent use of full Manual to get best results. (Review Sites time the '10fps Continuous' at from 12.2-13.5fps actual. And yes, that is full-image.) It uses 4 x AAs, Eneloops work very well - 400-450 shots per charge, and if you run out on a trip - Alkalines will keep it going (about 300 shots.)

The Canons are very good (I have an SX10.) You might get a good run-out price on the SX20 - which is a good, Menu-fed Camera, with LCD and VF. Like the SX10, the functions on Auto are quite usable, and on Program, quite good. It uses 4 x AAs - about (no video) 550+ shots on Eneloops, 400+ on Alkalines.

The new SX30 looks very interesting - the results of putting 14Mpix on a 1/2.3 sensor (same size as the 10Mpix SX10 and 12Mpix SX20) - are yet to be Reviewed.

This camera uses Li-Ion power-packs, with (unlike the new Pentax K-R) no 4 x AAs option.) The spare power-packs cost $70.00. Canon claims "up to" 400 shots from the power-packs. (Even in Sydney, we can buy at $22.00 for 4 x Eneloops, 3 sets of those, 550+ shots each, for the price of 1 spare 400-shot power pack.)

The release price in Sydney for the SX30 is AUD$549.00 - US$525.00, so is a bit over the $300.00 mentioned.

Within that $300.00 price, though, is the Fuji S1800. This is an easy-to-use 18x Zoom camera with both LCD and VF. It does Std HD (1280 x 720) in easily handled MJPEG / *.avi format, and of course, the usual 640 x 480. It's in the "mini-DSLR" shape, and at 340-grams (12oz) is quite light to handle. It uses std SD/SDHC cards, and 4 x AAs. Eneloops or Alkalines - and if similar to my Fuji S2000HD - would do about 400 shots on Eneloops and 300 on Alkalines.

It's actually an updated and much better version of the S2000HD (this one does have Aperture Priority mode!) - that my early-teens godson has been borrowing on-and-off much of this year. He does need an easy to use (solid and Donny-proof!) - Zoom camera, and after a lot of looking-around, his Christmas present from me will be the S1800.

Regards, Dave.

Senior Member
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Oct 03, 2010 14:46 |  #4

Panasonic ZS3 (or ZS5), Casio FH100.

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Oct 04, 2010 17:26 |  #5

Canon s90 or 95. Just got one. Wonderful camera even on Auto mode.

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Oct 04, 2010 17:59 |  #6

carlopotn wrote in post #11033669 (external link)
Canon s90 or 95. Just got one. Wonderful camera even on Auto mode.

Nope, outside the price range and a waste of tech (no offense to the OP).

The new Canon SX130 has a 12x zoom, a full suite of automatic functions, and retails about $250. Runs on AA batteries too. B&H has it on sale for $229 through the end of October.

If you want something smaller, look at the SD3500 with its 5x zoom and touchscreen controls. It's about $300. It even comes in pink!

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Camera for mom.
FORUMS Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Small Compact Digitals by Canon 
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