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Thread started 22 Oct 2010 (Friday) 05:26
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A Sigmas Tale, Returning from beyond the grave.

Alexei ­ TND
Senior Member
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Location: Switzerland Lucerne
Oct 22, 2010 05:26 |  #1

Just wanted to share a little story, please note that i was probably STUPIDLY lucky and i doubt this could happen again, but i digress. Here we go.

Around 3 or so months ago, me and a few friends had a Barbecure/Grill party in our neck of the forest. All was fine and dandy. Untill the storm hit us.
Now im not sure why i didnt zip my camera bag shut, maybe it was the influence of a couple of drinks, maybe the suprising and savage arrival of the storm. Either way we ended up huddled together under a tree for warmth, while Hurrican-force winds and buckets of rain pelted us. The camera bag was drenched.

After a good hour our optimism waned and we decided to leave as fast as possible.

Fast forward to the next morning. Taking my equipment back out of my bag, i was mortified as i opened the rear lens caps of my 2 sigma primes.
Both poured droplets of water out of the barrels. Needless to say i was devasteted. Water was visible between the elements of my sigma 50.
Not really knowing what else to do I put buth lenses in their respective bags, and added a few of those silicon-moisture absorbant sack thingies.

After 3 days my first moment of joy: The sigma 20 1.8 WORKS AGAIN.
Focusing, metering, doing everything it did before the storm. However the 50 was dead.
Autofocus didnt budge, sometimes random error messages came when connected to any body, the whole works.
Was pretty bumed, but i could still use it for Filming where AF isnt needed anyway.

Fast forward again to 1 month later, absent mindedly i switched the AF back on. Now imagine the size of my eyes when it suddenly started focusing.
After putting it through its paces i was suprised to learn that it focused just as accurately as ever, the only differnce being that now its slightly slower.

All in all i consider myself lucky, but if you ever accidently drown a lens, dont trash it right away, if youre lucky it might come back to life :)

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Location: Santa Clara, California
Oct 22, 2010 05:35 |  #2

That blue kitty litter works well for sucking out moisture ... never needed to try it out for myself though.

"It doesn't matter what camera you have if your photography has nothing worthwhile to say"
“Photos are everywhere. You just have to know how to look.”

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Location: Tennessee
Oct 22, 2010 08:30 |  #3

Rice will draw out the moisture. Glad your gear is working again!

Mac P.
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Senior Member
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Joined Dec 2007
Location: Southeast Michigan
Oct 23, 2010 15:15 as a reply to  @ plasticmotif's post |  #4

I've heard the rice tip as well. Plus, when you're done, well, you can feed it to birds or eat it, or toss it at a wedding, your choice. :)

I was quite fortunately that I work in a testing lab with quantities of dessicant at hand. I revived a couple of phones and an MP3 player over the years with this stuff.

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Senior Member
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Location: Ottawa Ontario CAN
Oct 23, 2010 16:25 |  #5

Good to hear it's back to work again.
One time I forgot to dry the camera + lens after a raining day shooting until after a few weeks later.

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A Sigmas Tale, Returning from beyond the grave.
FORUMS Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon Lenses 
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